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Welcome to our 'Scrolls of Honour'. The winners of all our contests will be honoured with a permanent place here!

In addition, you can find links to the current contests and even the occasional preview of forthcoming events.

Contest Designer Testers Type Closed Hard Winners Easy Winners Full Results
1: Civil War Caesar Alan Merepatra JuliaSet Pharaoh 31/3/2001 Elf Granite Q Here
2: Hard Times Caesar Alan JuliaSet Zeus 30/4/2001 Grumpus HoustonGuy Here
3: Oxbow Lake Caesar Alan Jaguar Nimlot Caesar 3 31/5/2001 Brugle Pecunia Here
4: Ebony & Ivory Baltic TAO GraniteQ Cleopatra 30/6/2001 Elf Nimlot Here
5: Boot Camp Caesar Alan GraniteQ Aditya Zeus 31/7/2001 Elf Jaguar Here
6: ULTAC Caesar Alan Caesar Alan Caesar 3 21/8/2001 Treborius Pecunia Here
7: Minos of Crete Laocon Norahs2000, Sinuhe
Zeus 21/8/2001 Mere slcha Here
8: Encampment Caesar Alan Aditya Pharaoh 12/9/2001 N/A Max, Secateur Here
9: Argeiphontes Bobt Laocon Zeus 14/10/2001 Elizabeth Steere Debbie Here
The Challenge bobt TAO,JuliaSet Zeus Team 31/10/2001 Team Shaftocles n/a Here
10: Atlantis Cries Bobt   Poseidon 7/11/2001 Hanarky Debbie Here
World Championships Caesar Alan 8-contests   Caesar 3 7/12/2001 Eraserhead Caesar Clifford Here
11: Pandora's Box TAO Laocon 8-contests   Poseidon 31/12/2001 Pecunia n/a Here
12: Meadowlands GraniteQ Elf, Norahs2000 Cleopatra 31/1/2002 Cartouche Bee Slcha Here
13: Day at the Races Caesar Alan Treborius Neferjuli, Aditya CaesarJan Caesar 3 28/2/2002 CaesarJan Bernie Here
14: Bridges 2, The Revenge Caesar Alan Terpsichore Debbie Aditya Zeus 28/2/2002 Elf Deelee Here
15: Grain GraniteQ VitruviusAIA Aditya Pharaoh 31/3/2002 Elf PiasaGene
16: Lord of the West JuliaSet Caesar Alan Stavros Megalos Aditya Poseidon 31/3/2002 Elf Dan 24 Here
17: Kom el-Hisn Pass GraniteQ Merepatra JuliaSet, Aditya Cleopatra 31/5/2002
Pecunia Here
18: Quatrium Caesar Alan KarlM, janus, oregon_taz Caesar 3 30/4/2002 Max Dillon Blake Here
19: Initiation GraniteQ Merepatra, JuliaSet Pharaoh 30/6/2002 N/A Srooc9 Here


Contest Designer Testers Type Closed Hard Winners Easy Winners Full Results
20: All that Glistens     Zeus 30/6/2002 Elf YouKnowWho Here
21: Agadir Stavros Megalos Elf, Aditya, JuliaSet Poseidon 31/7/2002
YouKnowWho Here
22. Dust Bowl GraniteQ CartoucheBee, Aditya, JuliaSet Pharaoh 31/8/2002
Dufistus Here
23. Pharaoh's Inspection GraniteQ and Martinu Milotep, Aditya Cleopatra 30/9/2002
Marc5 Here
24. Mediterranean Caesar Clifford Stringbags, JuliaSet Caesar 3 27/2/2003
Marc5 Here
25. Delta Blues Stringbags Kach, Islonian Pharaoh 30/3/2003 Martinu Marc5 Here
26. Menes Menagerie Stringbags Lady_Mags, JuliaSet Zeus 30/3/2003 Iko Seryoha Here
27. The Ancient City Philon Pecunia, Caesar-Clifford Caesar 3 3/5/2003
Dufistus Here
28. Land of Beauty BobT Slcha, WaterScribe Poseidon 30/5/2003
Rocky Here


Caesar Clifford DillonBlake, Kach Caesar 3 30/5/2003
Maximus Minimus Here
30.Enemy at the Gates Caesar Alan DillonBlake, Oregon_taz Caesar 3 29/6/2003
Caesar Philon
Great Cornholio Here
31. Refugee Camp Stringbags Pecunia Robroy Cleopatra 29/6/2003
Kach Here
32. Veni Vidi Vino! Caesar Jan Caesar Philon Caesar 3 31/7/2003
Vectorgod Here
33. Curtain Call Stringbags Islonian Zeus 31/7/2003
Frank D Shannon Here
34. Exile-Audition for Team Contest, Part 1 Henrium JuliaSet, Taelia, Oregon Taz Cleopatra 13/8/2003 to
n/a n/a n/a
35. Exile-Team
Team contest, Part 2
Henrium JuliaSet, Taelia, Oregon Taz Cleopatra 13/8/2003 to 7/9/2003 Team Ahmose n/a Here
36.Starter for Ten Caesar Alan JuliaSet Emperor
(2 week contest)
to 7/9/2003
Henrium Lobo22 Here
37.Atlas Mountains Caesar Alan Aditya Poseidon 30/9/2003 Elf Iceman413 Here
38. Imagine Philon Skyline, Caesar Jan Caesar 3 30/9/2003 Dufistus cesar20 Here
39. Agoraphobia Henrium joshofet, Emperor Jay Caesar 3 October Henrium cesar20 Here
40. Thermopylai Henrium Henrium Zeus October Iko Pecunia Here
41. Highway-Audition Caesar Clifford Henrium, Caesar Clifford Caesar 3 November 18      
42. Highway-Team Caesar Clifford Henrium, Caesar Clifford Caesar 3 December 21 2003 Team Caligula   Here


Contest Designer Testers Type Closed Hard Winners Easy Winners Full Results
43/44 Double Crown Stringbags Lady_Mags, Robroy, JuliaSet Cleopatra February 25, 2004 Elf Great Cornholio Here
Impressions Cup Part One     All Games Listing Introduction and Rules February 22, 2004 Winner Iko   Here
45.Live On Stage Henrium Joshofet Caesar 3 Beauty Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Goonsquad Goonsquad
46.Mansion to Ptah Stringbags Lady Mags Pharaoh Beauty Feb 22 to
April 25th
Elf Mulluane here
47. Sacred City Henrium Joshofet, Dillon Blake Cleo-beauty Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Elf Iceman413 here
48. City Adonis Stringbags Lady Mags Zeus Beauty Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Lobo22 Iceman413 here
49. The Sculptor Ticaios Azeem, YouKnowWho Poseidon Beauty Feb 22 to
April 25th
Elf Pecunia here
50. Loess Plateau Stringbags Lady Mags Emperor Beauty Feb 22 to
April 25th
Hav Max1 here
51. Dangerous Passage Henrium joshofet, Emperor Jay Caesar 3 Military Feb 22 to
April 25th
CaesarPhilon Goonsquad here
52. Stonecutters Caesar Alan   Caesar 3 Economics Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Goonsquad Goonsquad
53. The Wilderness Caesar Clifford Kach, YouKnowWho Caesar 3 Speed Feb 22 to
April 25th
Iko Iko
54. Sandhurst Caesar Alan Stringbags Pharaoh Military Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Iko - Elf

DillonBlake -
Cazy tie

55. Dire Straits Stringbags Robroy, Lady Mags Pharaoh Economics Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Iko kach here
56. The Gauntlet Caesar Alan Aditya, PurplePinkie Pharaoh Speed Feb 22 to
April 25th
Elf kach here
57. Mummy Rock Joshofet DillonBlake, Henrium Cleopatra Military Feb 22 to
April 25th
Iko Vectorgod here
58. Dry Country Stringbags Lady Mags, Robroy Cleopatra Economics Feb 22 to
April 25th
Elf CaesarClifford here
59. Take Five Joshofet Caesar Clifford, Kach Cleopatra Speed Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Iko Socbac here
60. The Brother Ticaios Aditya, YouKnowWho Zeus Military Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Iko Cazy here
61. Pondlife Stringbags Islonian, Lady Mags Zeus Economics Feb 22 to
April 25th
Iko Pecunia here
62. The Boat Race Caesar Alan Dillon Blake Zeus Speed Feb 22 to
April 25th
Elf Hav here
63. Mt Cithaeron Stavros Megalos slcha, Aditya Poseidon Military Feb 22 to
April 25th
Iko DillonBlake here
64. Track Record Caesar Alan Henrium Poseidon Economics Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Iko Cazy here
65. Clockwork Henrium Aditya, Slcha Poseidon Speed Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Iko Cazy here
66. Devils Dream JuliaSet, Lady_Mags JavaPlains, Islonian Emperor Military Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Henrium Lobo22 here
67. Yuan Dynasty Stringbags Islonian, Lady_Mags Emperor Economics Feb 22 to
April 25th
Henrium kach here
68. The Haves and Have Nots Stringbags Islonian, Lady Mags Emperor Speed Sept. 1 - Nov.30 Henrium Lobo22 here
Impresssions Cup Finals
69. Clay Emperor Jay Caesar Philon, DillonBlake Caesar 3 July 1 - 31 Goonsquad cesarjlb here


Contest Designer Testers Type Closed Hard Winners Easy Winners Full Results
70. Urbs Emperor Jay Theo, Joshofet, Aditya C3 - Golden Ages August 1st -31st Henrium N/A here
71. The Imperial Forbidden City Gweilo UmLei Tung, Georg_OT-Jungle, Joshofet Emperor - Golden Ages Dec. 24th - Jan. 31 Kach normal difficulty only here
72. Djedefres Obligation Stringbags Lady Mags, Islonian, JuliaSet, Pete Vanderzwet Premier for Children of the Nile

Feb. 1st -
Mar. 5th

Henrium Elf here
73. Dog Days Stringbags Lady Mags, Islonian Zeus

Feb. 15th -
Mar. 15th

Cazy Iceman here
74. Ombos Stringbags Raccoon_TOF, Lady Mags Children of the Nile March 15th
April 15th
Elf Max_1 here
75. The High Ground Goonsquad Treborius, Rubicon Caesar3

March 20th
April 20th

Naghite Great Cornholio here
76. Pharaoh's Dream Stringbags, Ramuhotep Lady Mags, Ramuhotep Cleopatra April 17th May 15th Elf Cazy here
77. Palm Springs cesar20 joshofet, cesarjlb Caesar3 April 22- May 22 Goonsquad PerfectAnge here
78. Battle of the Titans A team contest in two parts Henrium slcha Poseidon May 15-Jun 19 Pre-registration Required! Team Iko  
79. Turmoil in Tibet Stringbags Robroy, Islonian Emperor Jun 18-July 31 kach Goonsquad here
80. Titans 2 Henrium slcha, kach Pharaoh/Cleo October 2 Winners Team Iko   here
81. The Fly Goonsquad Cesar20, Chris85 Caesar3 Oct 1 - Nov 6 Naghite Magol here
82. Faiyum Stringbags Ramuhotep, Lady Mags CotN October 1 - Nov 6 Azeem Herkimer here
83. Cubits of Death Stringbags Lady Mags, Joshofet, JuliaSet Cleopatra Dec 22 Elf Iceman413 here
84. Save the Forest Joshofet Goonsquad Caesar3 Dec 22


Meogrananta here
85. Day at Races 2 Stringbags Lady Mags, Islonian Poseidon Jan 29 Cazy Debbie here
86. Islands Caesar Clifford Henrium Caesar 3 Jan 29 Goonsquad Eva Calpurnia here
87. Gloriana Caesar Clifford DillonBlake Caesar 3 March 31 cesar20 N/A here
88. Gifted Joshofet Pecunia Pharaoh May 7 Elf Iceman415 here


Contest Designer Testers Type Closed Hard Winners Easy Winners Full Results
89. Confucious - A Life, Episode one, New Life
Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor May 14th Henrium Iceman415 here
90. Early Retirement Goonsquad Naghite Caesar3 May, 21st Caesar Jan McCool here
91. Confucious - A Life, Episode two, School Life Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor July, 9th Henrium Sumrescue here
92. Blue Marble Caesar Clifford Goonsquad, Naughite Caesar3 July, 2nd Cesar20 Meogranata here
93. Confucious - A Life, Episode 3, Hard Life Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor Aug. 20 Henrium Iceman413 here
94. Sacred Site Goonsquad, Trurl Meogranata Caesar3 Aug, 20 naghite Eva Calpurnia here
95. Confucious - A Life, Episode 4, High Life Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor Oct. 15th Goonsquad Iceman413 here
96. Imperial Assessment: Tarraco Goonsquad Chris85 Caesar3 Oct. 15th Caesar Jan Cazy here
97.Imperial Assessment: Home World Goonsquad Chris85 Caesar3 Oct. 29th Henrium Cazy here
98. Imperial Assessment: Checkers Goonsquad Christ85, Joshofet Caesar3 Nov. 13th Caesar Jan Wodlas here
99. Imperial Assessment, The Feast Goonsquad Chris85 Caesar3 Dec 1 Caesar Jan Cazy here
100! Martis Merites part one Joshofet, WinterPharao, Civilis Joshofet, WinterPharao, Civilis Cleopatra completed     here
100b Martis Merites part two Joshofet, WinterPharao, Civilis Joshofet, WinterPharao, Civilis Cleopatra Jan 31     here
100c Martis Merites part three Joshofet, WinterPharao, Civilis Joshofet, WinterPharao, Civilis Cleopatra April 1 Cazy (Amun),
Henrium (Toth)
Elf (Isis)
Iceman413 (Seth)
DillonBlake (Bast)
NeeuQfoDab (Maat)
101. Confucious - A Life, Episode 5, High Life Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor Feb 4th Henrium Sumrescue here

102.Imperial Assessment, Getting Dinari

Goonsquad Chris85, Joshofet Caesar3 Jan 8 Caesar Jan Cazy here
103. A Daughter of Kings Azeem Joshofet, Oregon Taz, JuliaSet CotN Feb. 13th Lokki Jimaaten here
104. Imperial Assessment, Sarmizegetusa Goonsquad Goonsquad, Joshofet Caesar3 Jan 28 Treborius Dillon Blake here
105. Confucious - A Life, Episode 6,A Life Re-affirmed
Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor April 15th Lobo22 Iceman here
106. Noxious Naxos Stringbags Islonian, RobRoy, Lady Mags Zeus June 24th Cazy Chris85 here
107. Bling Goonsquad Goonsquad, JuliaSet Caesar 4 April 8th Boudica Herodotus here
108. Pink Lake Goonsquad JuliaSet Boudica Caesar 4 May 6th Dalan Herodotus here
109. Confucious - A Life, Episode 7,Alma Mata Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor May 27th Kach Iceman413 here
110. Silk Purse Goonsquad JuliaSet Goonsquad Boudica Vic_4 Caesar4 July 1st Team Londinium Personal Achievement Awards here
111. Passage Caesar Clifford Hal and Caesar Clifford Caesar 3 August 5th Goonsquad Xoria here
112. Confucious Episode 8, End to a Life Stringbags Islonian, Robroy, Slcha, JuliaSet Emperor June 24th Kach Iceman413 here
113. Meadow Lark Stringbags Lady Mags Robroy Pharaoh August 26th Henrium Iceman413 here
114 Battle of Salamis Stringbags Lady Mags Robroy Cleopatra September 30th Cazy Dillon Blake here
115. The Deception Goonsquad .. Caesar 3 September 30th Krisius N/A here
116. The Final Deception goonsquad Aramann Caesar 4 Nov 11th Dalan ADJB here
117.Walking on the Moon Joshofet Caesar Clifford Caesar3 Nov 11th Goonsquad Krisius here
118. The Navy Lark Stringbags

Lady Mags

Poseidon Dec 30th Cazy Sergius here
119. Imperial Warehouse Otto10   Emperor December 16 Bu Yao Schwartzhorse here
120. Designers Contest Joshofet Goonsquad   Caesar 3 January 31,2008 Caesar Clifford
121. Silver Tower Otto10   Emperor February 24th, 2008 Bu Yao Schwartzhorse here
122. Money Bags JuliaSet, Aramann, Arkwright2 same SCS January 27, 2008


123. Aisle of Plenty goonsquad Aramann, Arkwright2, JuliaSet Caesar4 January 13th, 2008 Dalan

Easy Winner is Hieronymus

novice winner is Krisius

124. Palm Springs joshofet   Phararoh February 3, 2008 Elf Drywater here
125.Blessings cesar20 rectoversus C3 February 17, 2008 Goonsquad Nocolus here
126. Arabian Bizarre Hieronymus aramann Arkwright2 Caesar 4 March 17th, 2008 Dalan Jimaaten
127. Players Choice goonsquad aramann Vote for your favorite 2007 CBC contests All CBC contests listed in 2007 February 3rd, 2008 goonsquad
128. Hirtius the Hypochondriac goonsquad abana

C3 Team Contest

March 30th, 2008 Nicolus Discipulus Second place Cesar20 here
129. The Alliance Elector Otto Emperor April 13th, 2008 Fusionman Schwartzhorse here
130. Lucius the Lecherous goonsquad

Chris85 Joshofet

C3 June 8th, 2008 Team Pomponia Personal best score Cazy here
131.Prison State Stringbags JuliaSet Stringbags SCS June 8, 2008 ADJB Herodotus Lokki here
132. Sea Fragrance Otto   Emperor June 1, 2008 Fusionman ML here
133. El-Lahun Azeem Azeem CotN June 20th, 2008 Lokki Miut here


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