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Contest 130: Lucius the Lecherous- A Caesar 3 Team Contest

A tale of bath houses, ozone depletion and nepotism.

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 130: Lucius the Lecherous. This is a Caesar 3 Team contest. Only players who have been placed into a team can officially enter this contest, however other players are welcome to play. This contest should only be played with Caesar 3 V1.0.1.0. Use the links below to download the starting position:

Lucius the Lecherous(normal difficulty)
file is in .zip format
Lucius the Lecherous(normal difficulty)
file is in .sav format

Macintosh players, for whom the procedure of installing contest files is a little more complicated, can find detailed instructions here. If you have any problems, please ask in the Forum.

General CBC rules apply top this contest (see link at foot of page). For rules specific to this team contest please refer to the text below.


Yet another meeting with Caesar.

"I wish to offer you my personal congratulations on your success with Hirtius the Hyponchondriac. You are surely an asset to Rome and one of the finest of her Governors.

"As previously indicated, you will now move on to the major part of your assignment. You will now travel to Londinium, not as Governor but once again as Chief Advisor. Londinium's Governor Lucius, older brother of Hirtius, and known by most as Lucius the Lecherous, is something of a ladies' man, but like Hirtius he seems to neglect his Governorial duties somewhat. He needs someone of great strength and knowledge such as you to advise him. Londinium is a dangerous place, yet Lucius has for some reason failed to construct adequate defences for the city. I am told that he is actually looking forward to the arrival of ladies aboard chariots to his city. These visitors are expected almost immediately, I have been informed by Londinium's military advisor.

"Not only that, but for some reason Lucius seems to have a distinct and not altogether healthy liking for bath houses. He has built so many of them that I have been forced on the advice of my eminent scientists to preclude the building of any more. The scientists say that they will cause ocean levels to rise and whole cities to become inundated. Sounds like balderdash to me but I do not wish to be remembered as the Emperor responsible for such calamities. Apparently Lucius flatly refuses to demolish any of his bath houses. It seems he loves to watch the bath girls walk by his palace in those little outfits they wear.

"As you well know, such wanton behaviour in my Governors is not normally tolerated. But you already know about Lativus the Loaded, and the way he ensures his sons have successful governorial careers. So you see, we are still in a rather delicate situation here, one which requires the intervention of the highest level of city administrator. You must go to Londinium and assist Lucius to transform the city into one that is a shining example to all the empire. If you allow Lucius to remain distracted by his bath house girls, you should have free reign to take charge of the city. However, if you draw adverse attention to yourself by removing his bath houses, he will most certainly complain to his Daddy which would have frightful consequences."


No gifts to Caesar allowed.
Not more than one senate in the city at any time.
Maximum tax rate allowed: 12%
Undo housing cheats (eg 2x2 luxury palaces, indoor plumbing, ground floor shops and offices, etc) not allowed.
Patrician housing will be deemed to hold not more than the maximum number of patricians of the house as represented graphically.
Full details of rules applicable to this contest are detailed below:

Completion Criteria:

Save game during the final year (between 1-12 months remaining on timer)
No invasions underway at time of save.
Governor's palace and 30 bath houses all standing and operational (bath houses must all have water and road access and at least 1 worker).

Individual Scoring

20 points for each point of prosperity.
Additional 50 points for each point of prosperity over 80.
Additional 100 points for each point of prosperity over 90.
Additional 200 points for each point of prosperity over 95.
Additional 1000 points for 100 prosperity.
20 points for each point of favor.
20 points for each point of peace.
20 point for each point of culture.
2 points for each patrician in the city.
1 point for each 2 head of population over 10,000 (rounded down).

Team Scoring

Team score will be the average of the scores of all team members.
A team member who fails to submit a valid entry will receive a score of 90% (rounded down) of the lowest scoring valid entry submitted by any player on any team. For this purpose only scores that form part of a team score are considered.

Team Forum Rules

Each team will be allocated a private forum on CBC. This private forum will be the only means of communication allowed between the team members with regard to the team contest. Players may not exchange map saves of the contest map, nor may they post screenshots or drawn diagramns of the contest map or pertaining to the contest map on any forum. Players may post links to information, game saves, etc, contained on CBC or other sites that was in existence at the time of the issue of the team contest map. Players may only post text on the team forums. CBC reserves the right to share information from one team forum with other teams if it is considered necessary in the interests of fair play.

The private team forums will be made public at the completion of the team contest

Designer's Notes

Mission duration is approximately 10 and a half years maximum. You start with an existing city. Maximum possible ratings are Prosperity 100 (this has been tested), Culture 100, Favor 100 and Peace 64. It is possible to have the highest level of patrician housing.

There are both imperial requests, and military invasions.

This contest was an entry in the 2007 CBC Best Scenario Competition and was inspired by A Friend in Need, a Caesar 3 contest by Pilat.

The following are disabled:

Governors Residence (one already placed)
Barracks (one barracks already in city)
Bath House (30 already in city)
Small Temple
Mission Post

Weapons are not available in this mission.

In addition to normal CBC rules, The following applies in this contest-

1. Overpopulated small villas - It is possible to have up to 84 citizens in a small villa for a short time after it evolves from grand insulae. It is also possible, by managing city-wide entertainment coverage, to have every grand insulae in a city evolve at precisely the same moment, and then save the game, giving a greatly inflated patrician population. For this reason, small villas with in excess of 40 inhabitants will be treated as having 40 patricians.

Likewise, patrician houses that have recently devolved and have as a result more inhabitants than they can hold, will be counted as having that level house's maximum number of patricians.

2. It is possible to have houses occupy less space than they normally would. You can have houses that look like one level of housing, but have all the characteristics of another. Sometimes this happens inadvertantly, due to the use of undo. In this contest, patrician houses will be regarded as having no more than the maximum number of patricians that a house of that physical appearance should have. Where it is considered by CBC that this exploit has given an entry an advantage (whether or not deliberately), that entry will be declared invalid. Please be careful with the undo button and use it sparingly.

3. It is possible to have houses that overlap with other houses, or houses that occupy the same space as other structures. The presence of these exploits will cause an entry to be invalid.

4. Maximum tax rate allowed at any time - 12%.

5. Only one senate is allowed in the city at any one time. Multiple hippodromes are allowed.

6. No gifts to Caesar are allowed.

This is a single difficulty contest, to be played at Normal Difficulty.

Lucius the Lecherous was designed by and tested by goonsquad, and tested by Joshofet as part of the Best Scenario Contest judging. Joshofet is permitted to participate in the team contest.

Players Using a Mac Computer

Players in this contest using a Mac are welcome to submit an interim save for the purpose of determining whether PC data limits have been exceeded (which would make the save unable to be loaded on a PC). It is recommended that Mac players do this at least every game year. Name your interim save (playername_LtL_Interim_SaveNo) and don't zip it, just submit it as a .sav file. The CBC judges will attempt to load your file, and nothing more, and advise if it loads successfully or otherwise.

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday, June First, 2008. Please note the date!!!!!!!!

This contest has ended.

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