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Design Team - 2009

  • Stringbags
  • Caesar Clifford
  • cesar20
  • goonsquad
  • Azeem
  • Henrium
  • Hieronymus
  • abana
  • Aramann

(As I recieve new contests the designers will be mentioned in the above list.)

For those of you who wonder what it takes to become part of the CBC Design Team, check HERE.

If you have any forum login problems or wish to submit your contest designs, contact our Administrator.

Thanks to Milotep and Caesar Jan for the German page translations. Thanks to Pecunia for technical assistance!


Many thanks to our sponsors:
Ikshawaka, 2007
Caesar Clifford, 2008
Amun Nefer, 2009
Tobing, 2009
Goonsquad, 2009


We would not be where we are now were it not for the unstinting efforts of our former staff members:
  • GraniteQ
  • Sinuhe
  • Baltic
  • Sheng Tsung
  • Laocon
  • BobT
  • The Ancient One
  • Milotep
  • Adorina
  • Kublai Khan
  • Martinu
  • Caesar Alan
  • EmperorJay
  • Ticaios


Last of all, none of what we do here would be possible without our numerous beta-testers. To date all of the following have participated:

Recent Beta Testers
  • Aditya
  • Margaret
  • oregon_taz
  • Islonian
  • Joshofet
  • Slcha
  • Pecunia
  • Caesar Clifford
  • Taelia
  • WaterScribe
  • Chris85
  • Abana
  • lady mags
  • robroy
  • Kach
  • DillonBlake
  • Aramann
  • Cathy

Citybuilding Fan Sites

http://caesaralan.co.uk/index.html The Appian Way (here are some recovered pages from this lost site!
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/cesar.3/concours.html CBC's translation at Caesar 3, France
http://www.caesar3.it/ Caesar 3, Italy
http://www.caesar3.it/contest.htm CBC's translation at Caesar 3, Italy
C4 Italian site.
http://www.granitechippings.co.uk/ Granite Chippings
http://www.geocities.com/caesar_jan/index.html Caesar Jan's Palace
http://www.marvl.com/Serpentineum MarvL's Serpentineum
http://www.strategyplanet.com/emperor/ Pecunia Maxima's Great Wall
http://www.strategyplanet.com/poseidon/ Pecunia Maxima's Citadel of Poseidon
http://home.xtra.co.nz/hosts/glenbrook/c3.html Caesar Clifford's Home Page
http://www.heavengames.com/ http://www.heavengames.com
http://www.staedtebauen.de/ http://www.staedtebauen.de/
http://home.tiscali.nl/ancientcitybuilding/ EmperorJay's site
http://www.nilechild.com/ http://www.nilechild.com/
http://www.planetnile.com/ http://www.planetnile.com/
http://irvdon.freeprohost.com/index.html Grumpus' site
http://www.forum.cesarz3.net - Polish Caesar3 Forum
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/Otto10/ Otto's Emperor Contest Site
http://www.caesarivfan.info/ Caesar IV Dedicated Website
http://donirv.freehostia.com/index.htm Grumpus' Caesar4 Site.
http://www.zeusposeidon.net/forum.php French Zeus-Poseidon Site, Les Maîtres Grecs
http://heliopolis.forum2jeux.com/index.forum French Pharaoh and Cleopatra site.
http://www.citybuildergames.com/index.php?board=141.0 SimCity Societies Site
http://simcitysocieties.ea.com/community/forum/start.php? SimCity Socieities, EA home.
http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/categories.cfm?catid=367&entercat=y Simtropolis, SCS forum
http://caesar4.heavengames.com/gameinfo/tables/tradeprices Beancounting for C4
http://caesar4.heavengames.com/downloads/lister.php?category=misc C4 Downloads

More to come! Please let us know about your CB site.
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