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CityBuildingContests Presents Contest 162, Fishopolis - 1, our Caesar population Contest, being the latest C3 creation of goonsquad.

CityBuildingContests Presents Contest 167, Come Together Barking Mad, our Caesar 4 Challenge Contest by Hieronymus. Closing date, December 31st (year to be specified).

CityBuildingContests Presents Contest 168, Two of Us, our Caesar 4 Economic Contest by Hieronymus.

CityBuildingContests Presents Contest 169, Swamp, a Caesar 3 Speed Contest by Caesar Clifford.

CityBuildingContests's future presentations: (note these contests are subject to change)

Cleopatra, by Stringbags,winter
Cotn - Azeem

There are quite a few new contests emerging! Keep watching for your favorite game to have a contest.

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