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Contest 131: Police State (A SimCities Societies Contest)

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 131: Police State. This is a SimCity Societies contest, and should only be played with SimCity Societies with the latest patch. Check the ElectronicArts site for the latest version. These saves were made with the official patch 4. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

Police State (Hard)
files are in .zip format

Police State (Easy)
files are in .zip format

Police State (Novice)
files are in .zip format


Procedure for extracting file(s). This contest requires only one file, which goes in the Saved Games folder. The file with the extension SCS should be extracted to the directory Saved Games in your installation

(XP Default location:C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\SimCity Societies\User Data\(your player name)\Save Games).

In Vista it is:C:\Users\(account name)\Documents\SimCity Societies\User Data\(player name)\Saved Games

You start the save from the Main Menu in SCS, selecting "Load Save". The save, "Police State" should be listed. It is not necessary to alter game difficulty. After winning the easy division twice you must advance to the hard level of competition.


The Governor was re-elected on the basis that he will reduce crime and establish a state prison in your city. As Mayor you must help him round up all of the criminals in the city and bring back law and order.


Completion Criteria-
1. A State Prison must be built, this requires a population of 2350, more than 90 Authority rating and more than 50 people worse than sad.

Expert/Hard level: The game should be run until the second Sunday at 23.00 (14 days)
Easy level: The game should be run until the second Sunday at 23.00 (14 days)
Novice Level: The game shoud be run until the third Sunday 23.00 (21 days)

2. Completion criteria - must have a population >2350 on save

3. The game should then be paused and saved with the conventional contest title. eg. PoliceState_Stringbags_Novice_1.

Then open up the City Info Card and take a Snapshot (You can take a snapshot using the Print-screen key), rename your snapshot eg PoliceState_Stringbags_Novice_1_Info. You need to include the .SCS file and the Jpg file in your zipped upload. The ending screenshot data of the saved game will determine the score we will count. (The game tends to run on quickly with faster computers, as we check scores) If you do not send us a screenshot of the city info card belonging to your ending save, we will TRY to get a good reading from your saved game. It is better if you make your own proof of results yourself. If you are having difficulties, please ask general questions in our forum or send a private message to Stringbags.

Winning Criteria:

1.Least number of rogues
2.Least number playing hooky
3.Lowest current criminal population
4.Lowest total crimes reported

All the winning criteria will be taken at the time of the save from the info provided in the city info card and will be prioritised from 1 to 4, the second criteria will only be used in the case of a tie for the first, the third in case of a tie for first and second etc.

Important information.

Only State Housing Blocks are permissible, no other housing may be used.

The use of decorations is prohibited. (except for the trophys which are pre-placed for you)

The official updates, their promotional buildings are allowed. The map provided has all of the trophys installed to "level the playing field." It is also permissible to modify the xml file into a language other than English provided this is approved by CBC.

Other exploits listed in the forum thread might be permissible. If in doubt about any matter, please send a Private Message to the contest designer, which means you should register for the CBC forum.

Designer's Notes

Please save your game each Day.

Completion Criteria: To build a state prison requires more than 90 authority, population of at least 2350, and more than 50 worse than sad.

No MODs allowed.

Restricted to State Housing Blocks for homes. This means that the player has to have an unhappy city to get the state prison and then use the time left to get them happy again.

Notice you must include a screenshot of your ending time with your save.

Register at our forum and keep up to date with the contest. This is a very new game to us and we are all learning more about it every day. If you post in our contest thread, you might get an email giving you clarity for new things we found in the game. Allow for getting emails from threads you post in in the user control panel.

When forwarding entries to CBC, the SCS file of the final save is required along with your closing screen shot of the city info screen. (click the link in last sentence and see our upload area) Be sure to put your players name in the saved game name and the screenshot and follow our format. Raw saves or zips are acceptable. It is acceptable to send more than one entry, improving your score. There have been times when players had a computer crash and lost their best saves. Use our submission system to hold your best current submission!

Police State was designed by Stringbags and tested by JuliaSet

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday, June 8th, 2008. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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