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Welcome to CityBuildingContests.net!

As sources for storing an image for reference have been disappearing as fast as we find them, CBC will now store the award signature images and other CBC related pictures.  We ask, however, that you use them with our guidelines in mind.  You may use them on other forums and in the CBC forum.

Webmasters have requested that images used in forum threads, be kept to around 10KB. This means that your total should be around that size.  Large files and long threads with pictures, tend to de-stabilize the threads. Please select your signature awards so that the total is no more than 15kb.  If you have won the right to display the award, then it is yours to use in forums.    Team avatar images are also included here.  

Congratulations to the winners! We hope you enjoy using these images.  Thank you norahs2000 for your lovely pictures.

Each of these awards will count for  5 kb. Note you must use ubb tags for these images using the following format.

[img]http..........gif or jpg[/img]










also first place.. your choice!



















Each of the team avatars will count for 3KB.










This team award counts for 5kb


  4kb for this small one         

Double Crown, The Lord of Two Lands!


To use these awards in your forum signatures you must copy these codes, and paste into the forum thread message.

To copy the text/symbols, place the cursor over the desired area and drag the cursor while holding the left mouse down.  Keep the mouse over the highlighted words and carefully click with the right mouse button.  From the list of options, select "copy".     You may keep these "tags" stored on a draft in your email folder or in a text file on your desktop.  

To use the images, place the cursor where you want it in the message, (or on your email for storage) and use the right mouse button to "paste" the selection.  Be sure you get the entire line of "tags".  This includes the < and the>.  Do not add any spaces to the insides of the pasted tags.

If you have won more than one award and wish to list them in a column, just hit "enter" and add another image.  If you wish them to be on one line, then don't hit "enter" before adding the next image "tags".  A good way to test this is to use your private messages in the Impressions forum.  Remember that you can "back up" and fix things till it is the way you like it, or back out of the message completely when you are done.     When you have it ready, remember that you can also copy/paste this final result on your draft page (or notepad text file).  This will insure that you can repeat your work, when you wish, for your forum signature.



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