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Contest 128: Hirtius the Hypochondriac

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 128: Hirtius the Hypochondriac. This is a Caesar 3 contest, and should only be played with Caesar 3 V1.0.1.0. Use the links below to download the starting position:

Hirtius the Hypochondriac(normal difficulty)
file is in .zip format

Macintosh players, for whom the procedure of installing contest files is a little more complicated, can find detailed instructions here. If you have any problems, please ask in the Forum.

Please take note that the CBC rules no longer allow free roads and material changes either. A Caesar 3 "Audition" Contest by goonsquad and should be played at Normal Difficulty only. The French forum link is here!


Let me tell you about "Lativus the Loaded" and his sons. Lativus is by far the richest Patrician in the Roman Empire. So rich is he that he completely controls the Senate here in Rome. I, as Caesar, am only able to rule by appeasing his every wish, for to incur his wrath would quickly cause economic crises such as we have never seen.

Lativus has two sons, both of them are, you might say, more than a little, how do I say this, eccentric. Yes, they are both very eccentric, as is Lativus himself. Yet Lativus is as devoted as any father can be, and has seen to it that his sons have been installed as Governors of the Empire. Governors they are, and Governors they must remain.

The younger of his sons, named Hirtius, is Governor of Calleva, a city that has been blessed by his father's wealth, but he appears to need a little help. Hirtius, you see, seems to think he has some rare and serious mystery illness, and has filled his city with so much medical staff to cure him that we are having serious shortages of doctors and surgeons elsewhere. None of these medical practitioners can find a thing wrong with Hirtius. I would order all but the city's basic needs be removed immediately but his father Lativus is equally convinced that his son needs all these medical facilities. So the most I can do is to preclude the building of any more. To maintain the favour of Lativus we must maintain all Hirtius's medical facilities.

With all his worrying about his state of health, Hirtius has not paid a lot of attention to governing his city. In particular, he has not paid proper respect to the Gods. He has been trying to build inferior quality temples and the engineers from Rome, who are a pious lot, are tearing them down as fast as he builds them. If you hurry you might be able to reason with the engineers and save the city from the wrath of the Gods.

I want you to assist Hirtius as his Chief Advisor, and attract as many people to the city as you can. In particular I want to see many Patricians in the city, in order that Lativus will think his son is doing well in his career. You have four years to accomplish these goals. You may face some military threats, so prepare your defenses accordingly.

Good luck, Assistant Governor. If you are successful in this assignment, I will send you to Londinium, to assist Hirtius's older brother, Lucius.


Completion Criteria:
Save game in December 1BC (not before)
The following structures must be present in the city and have road access:
Governors Palace
10 Hospitals
30 Clinics


1 point for each pleb in the city.
10 points for each patrician in the city

Designer's Notes

Mission duration is four years.

Small Villas will be counted as having not more than 40 patricians. Citizens in excess of 40 living in a small villa will not be be counted as either plebs or patricians. See note below on overpopulated small villas.

The empire map shows your city as Londinium but it is really Calleva. The city shown as Calleva is really Londinium. This has no bearing on the mission.

The following are disabled:
Barracks (one barracks already in city),
Clinic (30 already in city)
Hospital (10 already in city),
Small Temple (one to each god already in city at time of writing but Rome's engineers have other ideas), Oracle,
Mission Post,

In addition to normal CBC rules, The following applies in this contest-

1. Overpopulated small villas - It is possible to have up to 84 citizens in a small villa for a short time after it evolves from grand insulae. It is also possible, by managing city-wide entertainment coverage, to have every grand insulae in a city evolve at precisely the same moment, and then save the game, giving a greatly inflated patrician population. For this reason, small villas with in excess of 40 inhabitants will be treated as having 40 patricians.

Likewise, patrician houses that have recently devolved and have as a result more inhabitants than they can hold, will be counted as having that level house's maximum number of patricians.

2. It is possible to have houses occupy less space than they normally would. You can have houses that look like one level of housing, but have all the characteristics of another. Sometimes this happens inadvertantly, due to the use of undo. In this contest, patrician houses will be regarded as having no more than the maximum number of patricians that a house of that physical appearance should have. Where it is considered by CBC that this exploit has given an entry an advantage (whether or not deliberately), that entry will be declared invalid. Please be careful with the undo button and use it sparingly.

3. It is possible to have houses that overlap with other houses, or houses that occupy the same space as other structures. The presence of these exploits will cause an entry to be invalid.

4. Maximum tax rate allowed at any time - 12%.

5. Only one senate is allowed in the city at any one time. Multiple hippodromes are allowed (if you can find space for them).

This is a single difficulty contest, to be played at Normal Difficulty.

Hirtius the Hypochondriac was designed by goonsquad and tested by Abana and Chris85.

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Thursday, April 3rd, 2008. Please note the date!!!!


This contest has ended.

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