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Contest 119: The Imperial Warehouse, an Emperor Economics-Speed Contest

Welcome to Contest 119: The Imperial Warehouse. You must have the latest patch in order to play this contest. The link to the patch is on our rules page. The Contest has been created by Otto10 for his French language Emperor web site. CBC will mirror this contest and conduct a forum thread for the game's function for the English speakers.

Use the links below to download the starting positions:

The Imperial Warehouse- Easy
The Imperial Warehouse- Hard
files are in zip format

After downloading, simply unzip the file. When prompted, choose to extract the files to the directory in which Emperor.exe is located (by default C:\Sierra\EmperorROTMK\).

Since this is our first mirrored contest, be sure to ask about the rules for this contest in either the French or on our CBC forums.

There are two difficulty levels, easy and hard, please make sure that you start the campaign in the correct difficulty.

Register on the CBC or French forum thread. (so we know you are playing this game and we might anticipate questions from you about this game) This will also let the designer know he must contact you if there are changes in the design or a new upload.

Choose your difficulty level and download the mission : Hard or Easy
Save this file to the directory C:\Sierra\Emperor\Save\
Send your save(s) here or to the CBC Submissions page


February, 900 AD :
Dear manager of cities, you are at the head of the Ying region. A great feast will shortly be given in the Emperor’s honor. Different goods will be needed in order to prepare this feast. The Emperor counts on you for this mission. You have to stock 7 warehouses of goods in the northeast of the map, on the hill beyond the river. One of Silk, one of Lacquerware, one of Carved jade, one of Salt, one of Arms, one of Stones and one of Spices.

BEWARE, you shall not make a request to other cities to obtain those goods. Do not neglect to train some troops because enemies are never far from your city. You are to start this mission right now and fulfill it as soon as possible.


Completion Criteria:

1/ TRADE : 4 trading partners
2/ TREASURE : Treasury of 1.000 (easy) / 2.000 (hard)
3/ MONUMENT : Great Temple
4/ HEROES : 12 months of heroes (easy) / 24 (hard)
5/ POPULATION OF 1.000.000 : This goal is set to prevent the victory screen coming up, do not take it into account !
6/ MILITARY* : in case of ennemy attack, you must defend your city and not bribe the ennemy (with money) or capitulate !!!
7/ GOODS STOCKING* : the 7 warehouses must be put on the hill and each warehouse must have 32 units of one of the goods requested

Winning Criteria:

The winner will be the fastest to complete the criteria according to the rules (date of game of course). In case of a tie, the winner will be the player with the better treasury.

Designer's Notes

You have to play with the update, the only existing one for Emperor
Do not delete your messages !
The use of cheat codes is forbidden !


This contest, will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday, December 16th, 2007. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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