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Aisle of Plenty: Contest 123

Congratulations to the winners, and all the participants!

Hard Difficulty

Rank Player & download link Mini-map view Statistics
Winner Dalan

Completion Date: April-04
Ratings: 377
Year Profit: 372,216

2 Schwartzhorse
Completion Date: June-06
Ratings: 381
Year Profit: 246,697
3 TiiTii31
Completion Date: Sept-06
Ratings: 391
Year Profit:
4 Aramann
Completion Date: May-07
Ratings: 385
Year Profit: 228,004
5 Euroallain
Completion Date: March-08
Ratings: 374
Year Profit: 158,542
Designer Goonsquad

Completion Date: Oct-05
Ratings: 382
Year Profit: 249,709

Easy Difficulty

Rank Player & download link Mini-map view Statistics
Winner Hieronymus

Completion Date: Sept-04
Ratings: 359
Year Profit: 319,205

Runner up Geiran Valleus
Completion Date: Feb-05
Ratings: 340
Year Profit: 238,760
3 ivrunafowl

Completion Date: Jul-05
Ratings: 329
Year Profit: 260,488

4 Cartpusher
Completion Date: Jul-05
Ratings: 323
Year Profit: 264,567

Completion Date: Jul-06
Ratings: 379
Year Profit: 158,208

6 Chris85
Completion Date: Dec-10
Ratings: 365
Year Profit: 166,208
7 Karimon
Completion Date: Feb-11
Ratings: 378
Year Profit: 118,170
8 Charles
Completion Date: Jul-11
Ratings: 390
Year Profit: 151,218

Novice Difficulty

Rank Player & download link Mini-map view Statistics
Winner Krisius

Completion Date: Apr-05
Ratings: 272
Year Profit: 214,525

Runner up Aaldiana
Completion Date: Sept-05
Ratings: 294
Year Profit: 338,242
3 Olibrius

Completion Date:Sept-06
Ratings: 257
Year Profit: 253,667

4 Bastoche
Completion Date: Aug-07
Ratings: 281
Year Profit: 185,173
5 Spidus

Completion Date: Sept-07
Ratings: 353
Year Profit: 165,436

6 Admiral-COCO
Completion Date: Dec-11
Ratings: 347
Year Profit: 127,145
7 Oregon Taz
Completion Date: Oct-12
Ratings: 288
Year Profit: 98,628
8 Sourisverte
Completion Date: Apr-50
Ratings: 340
Year Profit: 5631

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