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Contest 122: Money Bags (Premier contest for SimCities Societies: a Speed Contest)

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 122: MoneyBags. This is a SimCity Societies contest, and should only be played with SimCity Societies with the latest patch. Check the ElectronicArts site for the latest version. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

Money Bags (Normal Difficulty)
files are in .zip format

Money Bags (Normal Difficulty)
files are not zipped for those who can't unzip

Money Bags2 (Normal Difficulty)
files are in .zip format
these files are made with patch 2. Thanks Tobing.

Procedure for extracting file(s). This contest requires only one file, which goes in the Saved Games folder. The file with the extension SCS should be extracted to the directory Saved Games in your installation

(XP Default location:C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\SimCity Societies\User Data\(your player name)\Save Games).

In Vista it is:C:\Users\(account name)\Documents\SimCity Societies\User Data\(player name)\Saved Games

You start the save from the Main Menu in SCS, selecting "Load Save". The save, "Money Bags" should be listed. It is not necessary to alter game difficulty. After winning the easy division twice you must advance to the hard level of competition.

Our premier contest for a game has a prize offered. More about this later.


Old uncle Money Bags himself is preparing his will. He will be selecting his most money-wise relative to inherit his fortune. You don't have long to accomplish this, so speed is of the importance. 100,000 Simoleans would be the right sum to get his attention.


Completion Criteria-
Load and play the above saved game, "Money Bags."
100,000 Simoleans
in your treasury.
No rogue sims in the city at the time of submission.
Population may not be over 7500
50 used of each Value at the time of the save.

Winning Criteria:

1. Fastest to get 100,000 simoleans (instructions where to find that information)
2. Tie breaker: Highest
Spirituality used
Tie breaker: Highest Prosperity used

This contest was started in the Temperate Region in Normal Difficulty with Low Event Frequency and Normal Playmode. No modded files are allowed in this contest. The top entries will be posted for download and open for evaluation by everyone. Save every day, as you might be requested to provide the saves. No known cheats are allowed.

No decorations and no modded files are allowed. The official updates, their promotional buildings are allowed. The map provided has all of the trophys installed, to level the playing field. It is also permissible to modify the xml file into a language other than English provided this is approved by CBC.

Other exploits listed in the forum thread might be permissible. If in doubt about any matter, please send a Private Message to the contest designer, which means you should register for the CBC forum.

Designer's Notes

Please save your game each Day.

Due to forum question about USED value of 50 each, here is a tip from surfin2ca:

"The bottom number is what is being 'Produced'

The top number if green is surplus and if red is what is needed before the buildings that require that value can operate.

The 'used' value is the difference between the bottom number and the top number.

For example the bottom number is 10, and the top number is green showing 6, the used is 4 with a surplus of 6.

If the bottom number is 10, and the top number is red showing 14, you need 4 more points to make it zero and now you are using 14."

Try to keep the top number as close to zero as possible while increasing the lower number. Expand your understanding from there. Remember that the top number represents an over-supply. The buildings indicated by the above number cost money and are not yet working! This contest is about speed to Simoleans, so it might be good to place buildings that are going to be making you money!

Register at our forum and keep up to date with the contest. This is a very new game to us and we are all learning more about it every day

When forwarding entries to CBC, only the SCS file of the final save is required, not the other files. (click the link in last sentence and see our upload area) Be sure to put your players name in the saved game name and follow our format. Raw saves or zips are acceptable. It is acceptable to send more than one entry, improving your score. There have been times when players had a computer crash and lost their best saves. Use our submission system to hold your best current submission!

Money Bags was designed by Aramann and Arkwright2 and JuliaSet

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday, January 27th, 2008. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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