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Caesar 3 Game Features

On this page, you will find the definitive list of currently banned game features, as well as a more-or-less comprehensive list of the known but permitted game features. You should check back here periodically to see if any changes have been made:

1. Banned Features

1.1 Free Roads, Aqueducts, Plazas, Walls, Gardens and Delete: Drag the cursor on to one of the buttons on the side-panel and release

1.2 Extra iron mines/marble quarries: The entry and exit arrows may be used as rocks, so you can place marble quarries or iron mines next to them (when these resources are available).

1.4 More than 16 soldiers in a fort: Start by building one barracks and one non-legionary fort. As soon as the fort has 15 soldiers in it, call them out of the fort. Then, build many additional barracks, and send the soldiers back to the fort.

1.5 Changing materials

2. Permitted features

2.1 Multiple Barracks: You can build additional barracks before the first one sends out a labour-seeking walker. You can do this best by either slowing the game speed down to 10% or by placing several barracks without a road connection then adding the road.

2.2 Multiple Hippodromes (also Senates, Barracks): Start by building a Hippodrome. Then, slow the game to 10% speed. Delete the first Hippodrome, then pause. Select the Hippodrome from the entertainment structures menu, and unpause. When the first Hippodrome disappears from the screen, the cursor for the second Hippodrome turns green. Undo the delete of the first Hippodrome, and place the second as desired. Third and subsequent Hippodromes can only be built if all the Hippodromes on the map are deleted with a single sweep of the clear tool.

2.3 Lion King defence: Lions (and gladiators) will fight any invaders they meet on their way to a venue. If you lay out the road from the performer schools to the venue such that it passes through the invasion point (and meanders a lot in the vicinity of the invasion point), the lions and gladiators will do a lot of fighting for you.

2.4 Ultimate Shield Wall defence: If you muster a company of soldiers exactly on an invasion point, the enemy will be unable to enter the map, and may be killed while they are off screen.

2.5 Walker control: Gatehouses, where available, may be placed anywhere in the city. They act as roadblocks, turning back 'random walkers', while permitting the passage of 'destination walkers'.

2.6 Salary manipulation: Favour effects of salary are calculated only in December. You may pay yourself whatever salary you wish in the rest of the year.

2.7 Creative 'undoing': You may undo certain service buildings after they have already provided access to some buildings. The most obvious examples are entertainment venues: once a performer school has dispatched an entertainer, then you may delete the venue. All houses en route will still gain access to that venue (for a limited time).

2.8 Animal control: Animals may be 'walled in' using walls, aqueducts, statues etc. and subsequently killed with a javelin legion.

2.9 Jail the Native: If all the four squares adjacent to the sides of a native hut are occupied by impassable objects (including rocks, trees, and native fields), then that hut cannot spawn an angry native. If you perform this trick on all native huts, you can build on native-controlled land without fear of attack.

2.10 Double cartpushers: Build a granary, set it to 'getting' food. Wait for the cartpusher to be spawned, then delete and rebuild the granary. The granary will then have two cartpushers for the rest of the game.

2.11 Multiple blessings: The general idea here is to force the God's mood to oscillate between extremely wrathful and exalted. The easiest way to do this is to build lots of extra temples to one god, and then delete all of that God's temples as soon as you have received a blessing.

2.12 Over quota exports: It may be possible to export more than your annual quota by sea. Fully employed docks always send out three cartpushers at a time. When the maximum number of exports is something that isn't divisible by 3 (40 and 25), the cartpushers will still take three cartfuls if you have them. That means you can export up to 42 carts on 40, and 27 for 25.

2.13 Tax/wage manipulation: It is possible to set the taxes to 0% at beginning of month, then just before the month end change them to 25% - and back to 0% as soon as tax is collected. People will pay as if 25% was set all the time, and be almost as happy as if 0% was set all the time. It may unbalance the mood sometimes, be careful. You need precise timing and lot of attention ... for real experts only.

2.14 Killing Traders: If traders are sourrounded with housing signs they will dissapear and new traders will enter the map. This feature will increase your trading speed.

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