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Contest 129: The Alliance

Welcome to Contest 129: The Alliance

You must have the latest patch in order to play this contest. The link to the patch is on our rules page. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

The Alliance Easy
The Alliance Hard
Silver Tower French Language Download
Silver Tower French Forum Thread
files are in sav format

Place the the file(s) to the directory in which Emperor.exe is located (by default C:\Sierra\EmperorROTMK\).

Competitors are reminded that the normal CBC General Rules apply to this contest. Players may participate in either the French forum or in the CBC forum. For best response and updates, be sure to register in either forum.


March, 800 BCE :
Venerable city builder, the Emperor wishes that Cho city, which is under your own leadership, to become the principal provider of food in the Empire. You have to fill five warehouses of food (soybeans, cabbage, millet, rice, wheat, meat, fish, salt, spices) and you will place around them some residential walls of your choice. You may mix the contents of the warehouses.

Unfortunately the Koreans who are settled near you, might have a look at your city, they can cause some trouble. But the city of Chao which is an important wood provider, is your ally too. Don't forget them !
The Emperor also wants you to prove the greatness of the Empire to the villages close to your city by creating two monuments to his glory. Finally, do not forget to pay tributes to Heroes and to check your treasury. SAVE WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL THE OBJECTIVES !


Completion Criteria:
· 1/ TREASURE : Treasury of 2.500 (easy) / 5.000 (hard)
· 2/ HEROES : 12 months of heroes (easy) / 24 (hard)
· 3/ MONUMENT : Great Temple Complex
· 4/ MONUMENT : Grand Tumulus
· 5/ POPULATION : 999.999 This goal is set to prevent the victory screen coming up, do not take it into account !
· 6/ MILITARY* : In case of ennemy attack, you must defend your city and not bribe the enemy (with money) or capitulate !!!
· 7/ GOODS STOCKING* : You have to fill five warehouses of food that you will encircle from the residential wall of your choice (soybeans, cabbage, millet, rice, wheat, meat, fish, salt, spices, as you prefer, you can mix the goods in the 5 warehouses)
· * Additional objectives appearing in game.

Winning Criteria:
The winner will be the fastest to complete the criteria according to the rules (date of game of course). In case of a tie, the winner will be the player with the better treasure.

Designer's Notes

You have to play with the update, the only existing one for Emperor
Do not delete your messages!
The use of cheat codes is forbidden!

This contest will close at 12:00 P.M. (FR), on Sunday, April 13th, 2008

I hope you all enjoy playing it. Elector


This contest, The Alliance, will close at 11PM EST (GMT), on Sunday, April 13th, 2008. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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