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Contest 118: The Navy Lark: A Poseidon Military Contest

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 118: The Navy Lark. This is a Poseidon Military Contest. It may be played only with Poseidon V2.1. Use the link below to download the starting position:

The Navy Lark Easy(Mortal)
The Navy Lark Hard(Titan)
files are in a zip format

After downloading, players should unzip the file. When prompted, choose to extract the archive to the directory in which Poseidon.exe is located (by default C:\Impressions Games\Poseidon\save\).

Please make sure you play the game from the start at the correct level of difficulty. Please select Mortal (Easy) or Titan (Hard) as per your level on the adventure loading screen.


The Atlantean islands are in turmoil, neighbours renege on trade agreements and declare our city as enemies. They talk amongst themselves and look at our great city askance.

You can only rely on the Atlantean mainland for aid, the rest will rot in hell and be subsumed into our civilization. The gods themselves rebel and sneer at us, only Poseidon, the god of the sea, swears allegiance, we will need his help for sure.

They will learn to respect our power and superiority: this is war!


All entries must meet the following completion criteria at the time of submission:

  1. Slay Scylla
  2. Build Sanctuary to Poseidon

Winning Criteria:

1. Defeat as many rivals as you can before 10AD on hard difficulty and 12AD on easy difficulty.Entries at Hard difficulty must be saved in Dec 9AD and Easy entries must be saved in Dec 11AD with both completion criteria completed.

2. Highest Treasury! (This criteria will only be used in the case of a tie for WC1)

Designer's Notes

AA rise in the cost of onions each December will remind you to save at that time, onions play no other part in this scenario.

This is a military scenario so expect to be invaded by your enemies and, as the saying goes, alls fair in love and war. (Without cheating of course)

This scenario was tested by Lady Mags and Islonian, my thanks for their help.

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday, January 6th 2008. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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