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Contest 133: El-Lahun

Welcome to Contest 133: El-Lahun.(A CoTN Speed contest)

This is a contest scenario for Tilted Mill's Children of the Nile. You must have the latest patch ( in order to play this contest. The link to the patch is on our rules page. Use the links below to download the starting position:

El-Lahun - Hard
file is in zip format

El-Lahun - Easy
file is in zip format
(new files May10,2008)

After downloading, simply unzip the file. When prompted, choose to extract the files to where you have your game installed. Extract into the game's "Saved Game" folder.
An example is C:\Program Files\Tilted Mill\Children of the Nile\data\Saved Games

Competitors are reminded that the normal Citybuildingcontests Rules apply to this contest. There will be no discussion of the game during the contest period on any forum, in private messages or emails. Let's keep things fair for everyone. If you have technical issues with installation etc. you may post those in the forum contest thread. For other questions, please message the designer.


Hetepsenusret: Senusret is Satisfied (Modern name: El-Lahun)

Faiyum... Long have Pharaohs noted the potential of this land. Fed by waters from the Nile, the region surrounding the lake in this region offered opportunities for agricultural production. Indeed, it is known that our great ancestors harvested some of their first crops here. However, as these marshy lands were regularly flooded, development on this region remained limited.

As ordained by the gods, blessed by Horus, Pharaoh Senusret II has ascended the throne of the kingdom. By his decree, the peace and prosperity of our land is continue as it did in his father's reign. And so instead of troubling himself with the petty matters of conflict, Pharaoh Senusret II has turned his attention towards the region of the Faiyum. In order to go about on his grand project, he has ordered the royal capital and the court moved to the city of Itjtawy, which is conveniently located near the Faiyum region. With his great wisdom, Pharaoh himself shall oversee the fruition of his designs.

You have been chosen personally by Pharaoh himself to set about performing one of the most important tasks - the construction of not only an entirely new town but also the construction of Pharaoh's own tomb. This town, which shall be known as "Hetepsenusret, Senusret is satisfied," will be a major workmen's town that will house the builders of Pharaoh's great construction projects for years to come. As you are rewarded with the great duty of ensuring Pharaoh's greatness in this life and the next, you must not tarry. Go now and make Pharaoh satisfied!


Completion Criteria:

Contest Criteria - Easy Level:
-Construct at least 4 Small Mastaba tombs
-Construct at least 2 Temples (undedicated)
-Construct a Small Pyramid
*NOTE: World-level sites are purely optional.

Contest Criteria - Hard Level:
-Construct at least 4 Small Mastaba tombs
-Construct at least 2 Temples (undedicated)
-Construct a Medium Pyramid

*NOTE: World-level sites are purely optional

Designer's Notes

Players are asked to make yearly, or at least regular saves. You may be asked to provide these saves at the end of the contest.

This Contest was created by Azeem and beta tested by JuliaSet.

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Wed, June 18th 2008. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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