Frequently Asked Questions


City Developer Kit Where Do I find the City Developer Kit?
City Names What's the difference between Egyptian and Classical?
Dakhla How Dakhla works
Difficulty Levels What are some of the differences between the various difficulty levels?
Firemen Why they walk by burning buildings
Food How do I get food to storage yards?
General Trouble Shooting Guide Here's a guide put together by Vizier Conan @Impressions
Gods How to keep the Gods happy.
Housing Evolvment How can I make my houses evolve to 2x2?
Hyenas Why won't my hunters kill them?
Hyenas How to deal with hyenas - the official version.
Hyenas Painless hyena eraditication in Sawu
Jugglers How to place booth in a housing block.
Military Can Hyksos warriors be defeated?
Monuments Trouble Shooting Guide by Nutheninkamhen @ Impressions
Monuments An unusual problem solved by a workaround provided by Shepeshepses @ Impressions
Monuments How to build 6 monuments in a mission
Monuments How to build an infinite number of monuments.
Monuments Monument Stalled? - A possible solution.
Perwadjyt I keep going broke in Perwadjyt
Pyramids My Stonemasons have stopped working.
Rotate Map

How do I rotate the map?

Saqqara Why don't I get the victory message?

How do I take Screenshots?


I run under NT. Why don't I get any sound?

Sound Performance Tips Sound performance tips
From: Ironrodiken @ Impression
Storage Yards & Granaries Questions about meaning of special orders.
Storage Yards & Granaries Do Storage Yards have priority over Granaries?
Storage Yards & Granaries Can I use storage yards instead of granaries?
System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements for running Pharaoh?

Taxation I have a low tax rate. - Why are people complaining?
Thinis The Official Scoop on Papyrus
Troop Transports A tip for getting troops to board ships.
Upgrading Buildings What are the advantages of upgrading bazaars, water carriers, etc?
Work Camps How do work camps work?