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Contest 151: The Springtime School (C3 Edition)

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 151: The Springtime School (C3 Edition) This is a Caesar 3 contest, and should only be played with Caesar 3 V1.0.1.0. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

The Springtime School (Easy Difficulty)
file is in sav format

The Springtime School (Normal Difficulty)
file is in sav format

The Springtime School (Hard Difficulty)
file is in sav format

Macintosh players, for whom the procedure of installing contest files is a little more complicated, can find detailed instructions here. If you have any problems, please ask in the Forum.

Please take note that the CBC rules no longer allow free roads. A player may only play in a single difficulty. You have to manually check you are playing with the right difficulty. The game always stays at whatever level you played it at last time you played. Select your difficulty level and restart the game!

Vous trouverez la traduction en français pour ce concours ici.


Caesar has noticed with considerable concern that the numbers of new recruits to his Kingdom of C3 has been in decline for some time now. Rumours persist of the presence of schoolyard bullies who love nothing more than to push around the newer students with their advanced micromanagement and manipulation tactics.

Thus the CBC Springtime School of C3 is born. In this school most of the bullies will be well and truly banished to their own playground, while some of them may even be enlisted to give the new students some help at improving their own skills of micromanagement and manipulation.

Caesar decrees that the CBC Springtime C3 School shall be given every possible chance at a good attendance, and therefore he demands as high an attendance as can be attained. He also wishes to see the venture return a healthy profit.

Come one, come all, to the CBC Springtime School of C3.


Completion Criteria:
Not less than 10 prosperity
Not less than 10 favor
Not less than 10 peace
Not less than 10 culture
Save must be made in Dec. 496BC. (a five year limit)

Winning Criteria:
1. Population (highest wins)
2. Funds in treasury (highest wins, only used in case of a tie for WC1).

Designer's Notes

Specific Desiger's Rules:

This contest is designed primarily as as means for C3 players new to contests to learn this side of the game. Players wishing to take advantage of this opportunity are encouraged to play in Easy difficulty where thje designer and tester (the latter of whom has won many CBC C3 contests in hard) will provide assistance by PM upon request. Players in Normal Difficulty will also be allowed to obtain some private assistance but this will be limited compared to Easy players. The Hard difficulty will be as any other CBC contest, with no strategy assistance being provided to Hard players.

Eligibility: Any player who has not won a CBC contest at any difficulty may play easy. There is no restriction on who may play normal or hard, however, players who receive strategy assistance on the basis of playing easy or normal will not then be permitted to play in any other difficulty.

The Springtime School was designed by Abana (with advice from goonsquad) and tested by goonsquad.

    Contest closes 11.00pm Sunday May 17, 2009.

This contest has ended.

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