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The Restoration for CotN: Results

Congratulations to the winners, and all the participants!

Hard Difficulty

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Winner Lokki

Fairly straightforward design and well-organized, but a huge row of sphinxes! Are they worshipping you, Pharaoh Lokki? ;)

Score: 261

Easy Difficulty

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Winner Cassius Cicero

Interesting arrangement of a distinctly separate necropolis with its own "labor camp" and worship centers; very realistic!

Score: 282
Runner Up Herodotus
Huge, impressive city. The largest of the group in the contest, so big that it slowed down my computer. Well-organized, too.
Score: 249
3 aramann
Beautiful arrangement of statues. The obelisks beside the palace and the pyramid right behind make for a very atmospheric presentation.
Score: 232
4 ImhotepIII
Compact and small city, but well-arranged. The use of trees and statues are quite nice. They're well-embedded into the city format..
Score: 161
5 Miut
Small and modest in size, but remarkably the most unique-looking. The use of a central city plaza with a sphinx facing the palace is very interesting.
Score: 107

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