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Contest 145: Chester Deva (C3 Edition)

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 145: Chester Deva (C3 Edition) This is a Caesar 3 economic contest, and should only be played with Caesar 3 V1.0.1.0. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

Chester Deva (C3 Edition)(Easy Difficulty)
file is in zip format

Chester Deva (C3 Edition)(Normal Difficulty)
file is in zip format

Chester Deva (C3 Edition) (Hard Difficulty)
file is in zip format

Macintosh players, for whom the procedure of installing contest files is a little more complicated, can find detailed instructions here. If you have any problems, please ask in the Forum.

Please take note that the CBC rules no longer allow free roads. A player may only play in a single difficulty. You have to manually check you are playing with the right difficulty. The game always stays at whatever level you played it at last time you played. Select your difficulty level and restart the game!

Vous trouverez la traduction en français pour ce concours ici.


Greetings, Governer.

I am sending you to one of our northern most ports at Chester Deva. I wish you to make me as much money as you can. There will be many trade opportunites and you may build a large and properous city there for the glory of Caesar. If you look after your people and there is no reason why you won't, you will be able to raise much money in taxes as well as trade. Everything is avaliable to you at Chester Deva. It is a rich and varied area. A small wolf infestation shouldn't trouble you much. Some of the locals may trade with you too once you have converted them to our beliefs.

There really are unlimited opportunites here. I've given you plenty of time and a large rich province.


Caesar Clifford


Completion Criteria:
CC1 Prosperity Rating must be 36 or higher
CC2 The last date you can save is December 500AD. Any save before that date with a PR of 36 is valid. You may submit a save at any date once you have reached the 36PR and before December 500AD.

Winning Criteria:
WC1 Most money in your treasury
WC2 Population [ in the very unlikely event that 2 players would have the same money in their entry ]

Designer's Notes

Population ranking in game has a limit of 99,999. This is to stop anyone reaching victory before the finish. You do not have to achieve that population. Your population can be anything you like as long as you get 36PR.

As stated above you may submit at any time before December 500AD once you have acheived 36PR. There is no limit to your treasury. You may submit an entry with a negative balance if you wish. Although why you would, I don't know.

There are a number of regular, small requests which you may send or not as you wish.
Gifts to caesar are allowed although the requests should remove any need for that. There is no requirement for favor rating.

There is no differences between the 3 difficulties other than starting money.

Forts and Towers are enabled in case you wish to use them to dispose of the wolves. There are no attacks other than 4 legged ones.

You may do as you wish with taxs and wages and requests and gifts.

Any player may play normal or hard level. Any player with 2 wins in CBC Caesar3 contests in Easy must play at a higher level.

Usual Caesar3 rules apply.

Chester Deva was regarded as highly as London for a time in Roman days. I wanted a trading port as the name of this contest but not London. This link shows a little of why I chose Chester Deva as the name of the contest.


This is purely an economic contest. Your goal is to make as much money as you can. There is no military involvement in this contest.

Chester Deva

Chester Deva (C3 Edition) was designed by Caesar Clifford and tested by Schwartzhorse and Dalan


    Contest closes 11.00pm Wed. March 25nd, 2009.

This contest has ended.

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