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The Revenge of the Market Ladies : Results

Congratulations to the winners, and all the participants!

Hard Difficulty

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Winner Cesar20

Population Score: 20238
Completion Date: May 14
Treasury After Water Deduction: 15000dn

Runner Up Dalan
Population Score: 17145
Completion Date: Jun 14
Treasury After Water Deduction: 24466dn
3 Caesar Clifford

Population Score: 3677
Completion Date: Dec 5
Treasury After Water Deduction: 15357dn
4 Designers City, Goonsquad
Population Score: 21409
Completion Date: Jan 12
Treasury After Water Deduction: 63912dn

Normal Difficulty

Rank Player & download link Mini-map view Statistics
Winner Schwartzhorse

Population Score: 16834
Completion Date: Mar 13
Treasury After Water Deduction: 158769dn
Runner Up Krisius
Population Score: 9615
Completion Date: Jan 11
Treasury After Water Deduction: 111662dn
3 abana
Population Score: 4052
Completion Date: Jul 05
Treasury After Water Deduction: 16296dn
4 Dillon Blake

Population Score: 1741
Completion Date: Jun 04
Treasury After Water Deduction: 16794dn

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