Beer and Pottery Is it always a good idea to evolve your housing?
City Data Sheets Some useful data about each city. They are in HTML format and are designed to be printer friendly
Commodity Prices Commodity Buying and Selling Prices
Entertainment How entertainment works in Pharaoh
Farm Production Rates How Farms work.
Game Data How the game works.
Housing A table of all the game's housing levels and their:
  • Level
  • Desirability needed
  • Entertainment needed.
  • Other requirements for each level
  • Prosperity Cap
  • Maximum Population
Model Data Excel Spreadsheets

Bradius, a frequent contributor to the Heavengames forum, has taken the time and trouble to put some of the game's model data files onto Excel spreadsheets. Here's what we've got so far:

Monuments A table listing some of the game's monuments and the materials required to build them.
Production Rates Rates of production by some of the facilities in the game.
Structures A table listing all the non-housing structures and their:
  • Type
  • Cost
  • Initial Desirability
  • Desirability Step
  • Step Size
  • Range
  • Number of Workers required
  • Fire Risk Increment
  • Damage Risk Increment
Taxes A table listing all the housing levels, and the taxes they pay.
Workers A table showing how percentage of workers relative to the general population falls over time.