Cities and Monuments

Abedju 2 Small Mastabas
Medium Mastaba
Abu None
Bahariya Oasis Sun Temple
Baki Mausoleum
Small Mudbrick Pyramid
Medium Mudbrick Pyramid
Behdet Medium Mastaba
Bubastus 2 Large Obelisks
Buhen Small Obelisk
Byblos 2 Small Obelisks
Large Obelisk
Dakhla Oasis Small Obelisk
Djedu Sun Temple
Dunqul Oasis Small Obelisk
Heh Mausoleum
Hetepsehusret Mausoleum
Large Mudbrick Pyramid
Large Mudbrick Pyramid Complex
Iken Large Obelisk
Itjtawy Sphinx
Medium Mudbrick Pyramid
Small Mudbrick Pyramid
Iunet Small Mastaba
Kebet 2 Small Obelisks
Large Obelisk
Khmun Small Mudbrick Pyramid
Meidum Small Stepped Pyramid
Stepped Pyramid Complex
Men-nefer Small Mastaba
Menat Khufu 2 Small Obelisks
Small Mudbrick Pyramid
Nekhen None
North Dahshur Large Pyramid
Nubt None
On 3 Small Mastabas
Perwadjyt None
Rost-ja Sphinx
Medium Pyramid
Pyramid Complex
Rowarty Mausoleum
Small Mudbrick Pyramid
Medium Mudbrick Pyramid
Saqqara Medium Stepped Pyramid
Sauty 3 Medium Mudbrick Pyramids
Sawu Mausoleum
Small Mudbrick Pyramid
Selima Oasis None
Serabit Khadim None
South Dahshur Medium Bent Pyramid
Thinis None
Timna None
Waset Sun Temple
Small Pyramid

Monument Data

Stepped Pyramid - Medium 12x12 Plain Stone - 672
Bent Pyramid 12x12 Plain Stone - 216
Limestone - 336
Mastaba - Medium 6x14 Bricks - 24000
Mastaba - Small 4x10 Bricks - 10800
Mausoleum 8x22 Sandstone - 256
Mudbrick Pyramid - Large 16x16 Bricks - 67200
Limestone - 768
Mudbrick Pyramid - Medium 12x12 Bricks - 24000
Limestone - 432
Mudbrick Pyramid - Small 8x8 Bricks - 4800
Limestone - 192
Mudbrick Pyramid Complex 24x24
Plus Causeway
Brick - 264000
Limestone - 1728
Obelisk - Large 5x5 Granite - 200
(Must have to begin)
Obelisk - Small 3x3 Granite - 100
(Must have to begin)
Pyramid - Large 16x16 Plain Stone - 672
Limestone - 768
Pyramid Complex 20x20
Plus Causeway
Plain Stone - 1440
Limestone - 1200
Pyramid - Medium 12x12 Plain Stone - 240
Limestone - 432
Sphnix 6x18 Carpenters
Sun Temple 10x11
Plus Causeway
Sandstone 380
Stepped Pyramid - small 8x8 Plain Stone - 240
Stepped Pyramid Complex 20x20 Plain Stone - 2640

Note: I have gotten the figures for materials needed for construction of the various monuments from right-clicking on the finished structure. I have been informed, and have some reason to believe, that in some cases the actual amount of material used varies to some degree.


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