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Contest 153: Bread Basket: A Poseidon Speed Contest

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 153: Bread Basket. This is a Poseidon Speed Contest. It may be played only with Poseidon V2.1. Use the link below to download the starting position:

Bread Basket (Mortal)
Bread Basket (Titan)
files are in a sav format

After downloading, players should unzip the file. When prompted, choose to extract the archive to the directory in which Poseidon.exe is located (by default C:\Impressions Games\Poseidon\save\).

Please make sure you play the game from the start at the correct level of difficulty. Please select Mortal (Easy) or Titan (Hard) as per your level on the adventure loading screen.


Messina is isolated and alienated, your rivals surround you and demand tribute with the threat of invasion of your weakly defended land if you fail to meet their demands, do so quickly and with skill and you may survive.


Completion Criteria:
1. You must not be in debt or a vassal state in the final save.
2. All goals must be met at time of submission.

Winning Criteria:

Winning Criteria 1 - Set aside goals have to be met in the fastest time. Save game when all goals are met.

Winning Criteria 2 - In the event of a tie the amount of money in the treasury at the time of the save with WC1 fulfilled will act as a tiebreaker.

The population goal is purely to prevent the victory screen from appearing, it has no other purpose in the contest.

Designer's Notes

Bread Basket was created using the Poseidon editor, it may be possible to play this scenario using Zeus, but I cannot guarantee that all of the events and game features of Poseidon will be reproduced faithfully, therefore please ensure that you use Poseidon to run this contest. The CBC judges will not be responsible for any differences in game play and hence the resulting finishing time if you choose to use any other programme than the one intended.

This scenario was tested by Joshofet and DillonBlake, my thanks for their help.

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday, August 2, 2009. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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