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Contest 148: City of Women, a Hinterland Speed Contest

Welcome to Contest 148: City of Women This is a Hinterland contest. You must have the latest version installed in order to play this contest. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

City of Women Easy
City of Women Hard
file is in zip format

Instructions for Installing (Windows XP or Vista)

XP users will need a zip utility, such as WinZip.

1. Download the zip file of the starting position to a location of your choice (Desktop is recommended).
2. Extract the four files to the following folder: My Documents\Tilted Mill\Hinterland\Saved Files\

To play the game, start Hinterland, Select "CoWEasy" or "CowHard". It will be preset at the appropriate difficulty level.

If restarting from the starting position, it is recommended to remove your existing character (after saving as described below if desired) before extracting the four starting files again.

All players are advised to read our General Rules. If you are new to our contests, be advised that you may not tell your scores until the contest is over on any forum (TM, HG or on CBC). Any questions about installation or game features should be addressed to the designer in the CBC forum thread. After the contest has closed and all submissions are checked the designer will start a discussion thread in our forum.


The following conversation is reputed to have taken place between the King and Queen in the royal palace:
Queen: "These outdoor male servants are not doing a very good job, are they my love? Look at those gardens and hedges. I could do better myself!"
King: "My darling, these are the very best male servants available."
Queen: "Yes, I think that is the trouble."
King: "My precious, I don't follow you."
Queen: "The problem is that they are male. Men are just bone lazy."
King: "My lovely, I'm sure it is not all that simple."
Queen: "Well I say it is. We should sack them all and hire women in their place."
King: "My sweet, can you imagine the inconvenience for us if you are wrong? Which I am willing to bet you are."
Queen: "Yes I suppose you are right. Suppose we get some poor soul to establish a city of women to test my theory?"
King: "You are a genius, love of my life."
Queen: "I know. And shall we will have a little side wager?"
King: "Of course, my goddess. We shall wager one gold piece. When the area is made safe we will personally inspect the settlement and determine the result of our wager."


Completion Criteria:

All areas except one cleared of enemies - uncleared area must have at least 1 enemy remaining.
Area which is uncleared must be 1 dot (easiest) area.
All followers are female at the time of the final save.
Food produced must be not less than food consumed.

Winning Criteria:
1. Number of days to completion (part days will,not count).
2. Gold in city.
3. Fame rating.

Designer's Notes

A female assassin is used in this mission. Requests from the King occur in both difficulties. Raiders occur only in Hard difficulty

Instructions for Submitting:

1. Select the four files pertaining to the contest from the above folder (hold control while clicking each to select them all).
2. Make a zip file of the four files. Name the zip in accordance with CBC naming conventions (eg goonsquad_CoW_Easy_1.zip)
3. Save the zip to the location of your choice.
4. Upload to CBC in the normal manner. Zipped Hinterland saves are approx 600kb.

It will not be feasible to submit Hinterland saves in any format other than zip. XP Users will need to have a zip utility such as WinZip. Hinterland save files zip to approx 25% of their previous size.

City of Women was designed by goonsquad and tested by Aramann. Aramann is eligible to enter in hard difficulty, but will not be eligible to submit further entries after being given access to uploaded entries. All other players (including Tilted Millers) may enter the difficulty of their choice.

Our Thanks to Schwartzhorse for the French translation.

Closing Date 5 April 2009

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday, May 17th, 2009. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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