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Contest 147: Insanity Rising (a Caesar 4 Economic Contest)

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 147: Insanity Rising . This is a Caesar 4 contest, and should only be played with Caesar 4 with the latest patch. Check the HeavenGames site for the latest version. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

Insanity Rising (Hard Difficulty)
files are in .zip format

Insanity Rising (Easy Difficulty)
files are in .zip format

Insanity Rising (Novice Difficulty)
files are in .zip format

Insanity Rising (French Language files)
files are in .zip format

Insanity Rising (German Language files)
files are in .zip format

Procedure for extracting files-

The zip file will contain a number of files (this can vary depending on the scenario). Firstly, the file with the extension c4s should be extracted to the directory Saved Games in your C4 installation

(Default location C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar4\Data\Saved Games).

The remaining files should be extracted to the directory Scenarios

(default location C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar4\Data\Scenarios).

If you are running Vista, when you download any C4 files, they are always, by default, put in Virtual store with Vista:

C:\Users\Name-of-user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar IV\Data

You have to copy or move the files to the following folders, which are, by default:

C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar IV\Data\Saved Games for c4s. files and

C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar IV\Data\Scenarios for all the other files

(Thanks to schwartzhorse for the Vista instructions!)

You start the save from the Main Menu in C4, selecting "Load Save." The save "Insanity Rising Novice" or "Insanity Rising Easy" or "Insanity Rising Hard" should appear in the list. It is not necessary to alter game difficulty.

Briefing from Caesar:

I, the Emperor Domitian, have a small task for you. I want you to found a city in the barren land of Caledonia, where (or so it is said) the barbarian menfolk wear woollen skirts. But do not think for a moment that I want you to civilise these people. I hear that they get up to strange things in their huts, and it sounds quite fun. Your citizens should behave in a similar manner. Therefore, I do not want you to give your plebs and equites access to culture. Do not give your plebs any basic goods, and make sure your domi do not evolve either. Encourage crime and unemployment if you can, and stockpile lots of raw materials - especially wool - for your citizens to play with in their huts. To assist you in this task I have appointed an Advisor who will give your city what I call an 'Insanity Rating'. This is MY invention, by the way, whatever those historians (now deceased) might say about it having originated from Caligula's time.

I am also told that you should watch out for a mad viking known as Arashh the Insane who, having raped and pillaged his way across the British Kingdom of Elmet, now has his eyes on Caledonia. But do not be alarmed: I believe he is Mostly Harmless. (He fascinates me. I have heard a very strange prophecy concerning this person: it is said that, even two thousand years from now, if there is anyone anywhere in the world who has a reputation for being totally nuts, it is very likely that he or she will be a descendant of Arashh! How is that for immortality?)

You will (of course) be aware of my recent edict concerning trade. All quotas shown on the Empire Map indicate what traders will trade every quarter (three months) rather than every year. I am Caesar. I can do this if I like. :-P

I will make ONE concession insofar as culture is concerned. This is the long-awaited performance of Jason and the Golden Fleece by the much-loved actor Jasonus Alexandrus. This tale must be enacted, within 4 years, for the benefit of the barbarians. At the end of those 4 years you will report back to me. If you can make lots of money, whilst at the same time gaining a high Insanity Rating, and helping Jasonus Alexandrus to perform quickly - you will be highly in my favor.

Caesar Domitian


Completion Criteria (after 4 game years):
Golden Fleece Performance Completed by Jasonus Alexandrus
City is not in debt

Defeat Events:
Debt of 5000dn or more
Failed to meet completion criteria in 4 game years
Caesar dismisses you. (normal game function)

Winning Criteria (All Difficulties):

1. Denarii in city treasury on completion (highest wins).

2. Maximum Insanity Rating achieved (highest wins).

3. Month of completion of Golden Fleece Performance (quickest wins).

Designer's Notes

The scenario should be played for a total of 4 game years, at the end of which a victory screen will appear if the completion criteria have been met. When this occurs, you should select 'Keep Playing' and save your game. Note that for a save to be valid, the Victory Screen must have been displayed.

A defeat screen will appear if any of the defeat events listed above occur. If this happens, you should revert to a recent saved game and correct the circumstance that caused defeat.

Not all buildings will be available at the start - most will unlock as you progress through the scenario.

Trade routes are only opened by the script and not via the Empire Map. This will happen as specific points in the Golden Fleece story are reached or as your Insanity Rating rises to a particular level.

Trade quotas show the maximum that may be exported or imported every 3 months (rather than every year). At the start of every three month period, the script will reset the trade quotas and spawn a trader for each route that has been opened.

There is a small military element involving a few raiders, who can safely be ignored should you choose to do so. They will target only a specific type of building, and then leave of their own accord.

On Easy and Novice Difficulty levels you will find that (because of the peculiar weather conditions) buildings will not catch fire or collapse. At least, not by chance.

Please read all in-game messages carefully!

This contest will maintain the time-honored CBC tradition of requiring players to keep saves for December of each year. A message will be issued each December to remind players to make their save. Only the final (completed) save is to be submitted, however. The contest designers may ask to see any or all of your December saves before validating your final save, although this will not normally occur. *Once your save has been validated you do not need to keep these saves, unless they are used as a basis for generating further submissions.*

Difficulty Level Elegibility

Hard Difficulty - any player may enter at this level, including Schwartzhorse (beta tester of Easy difficulty).

Easy Dificulty - Any player who has not yet won 2 or more CBC C4 contests at Easy Difficulty, has not had a top 3 placing at Hard Difficulty, or a top 4 placing at Insane Difficulty, may enter at this level.

Novice Difficulty - Any player who has not yet won 2 or more CBC C4 contests at Novice Difficulty, has not had a top 3 placing at Easy or Hard Difficulty, or a top 6 placing at Insane Difficulty, will be permitted to enter Novice Difficulty. This level is intended in particular for players new to CBC C4 contests who may benefit from some private assistance from the design team.

Players may not competitively enter multiple difficulties. As previously, such entries will be accepted and the last difficulty submitted will be regarded as the official entry, provided the player is eligible to enter in that difficulty.

Special Awards

In addition to the usual awards, this mini-contest will also include the following "for fun":

1. We will announce The Top 5 players across all Difficulty Levels, based on WC1 (denarii). (Note that the starting denarii vary according to Difficulty Level: 10,000 dn on Hard; 25,000 dn on Easy; and 30,000 dn on Novice)

2. Anyone who manages to reach the maximum Insanity Rating will be awarded membership of the Insanity 101 Cabal.

3. The Golden Fleece Award will go to the player (across all levels) who completes the performance of Jasonus Alexandrus in the quickest time.

4. A Special Axis of Daggy Evil Award will go to the Most Improved Player, based on their performance in this contest and taking into account their scores (if any) in previous AODE contests.


Insanity Rising is an AODE creation, being co-designed by Aramann and Hieronymus and tested by both, together with Schwartzhorse who tested at the Easy Difficulty level.

Special thanks go to Schwartzhorse for the French translation of the XML files and to AndreasHauffe for the German translation.

Hieronymus and Aramann would like to assure all players that no sheep were harmed during the production of this contest.

When forwarding entries to CBC, only the c4s file for the final save is required, not your other (interim) saves.

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday March 15th, 2009. Please note the date!

This contest has ended.

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