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Contest 138: Chinese Puzzle, an Emperor economic contest

Welcome to Contest 138: Chinese Puzzle. You must have the latest patch in order to play this contest. The link to the patch is on our rules page. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

Chinese Puzzle Normal

Chinese Puzzle French
files are in sav format
then put the following in the Campaign folder
Chinese Puzzle Normal pak

Chinese Puzzle French pak
files are in pak format

Place the the file(s) to the directory in which Emperor.exe is located (by default C:\Sierra\EmperorROTMK\). This contest has only one difficulty, normal.

Competitors are reminded that the normal CBC General Rules apply to this contest. Players may participate in either the French forum or in the CBC forum. For best response and updates, be sure to register in either forum. Don't forget to answer the puzzle question too!


The Emperor is in a playful mood. He has demanded gold and silver to fill our treasury and the production of bronze artifacts to fill his storeroom.

Whoever fills the storeroom with the most silver and gold will accumulate many honors, but you only have until January 8 AD, so much haste is needed.

The Emperor also left us with a riddle and will be impressed with our wisdom if we can solve it with the correct two word answer. The riddle below gives clues to the first word, we are told, and the second is an obvious connection.

My first is in a basket and also in a ball
My second in tennis, but not my call
My third is in diving, but not in pool.
My fourth in jester, but not in fool.
My fifth we have seen in a previous time.
My sixth is the 14th in line.
My last is a gasp of awe as you see,
A great event in a place that is me.


Completion Criteria:
Save game in January 8 AD
20 bars of bronze in one year
20 bronze vessels in one year
1000 people in Luxurious apartments or better
Population of 1000000 is there to prevent the victory screen and serves no other purpose.
Add your answer to the riddle in the uploads comments area when you submit the saved game.

Winning Criteria:

Greatest Treasury at the point of save.
A second WC in case of a tie for first will be (produced bronze + produced bronzeware) as shown in goals window.

For this submission to be valid, you must guess the two word puzzle when you submit your saved game. Note there is a place in the uploads for making notes. The winner must have guessed the right words?

Designer's Notes

You have to play with the update, the only existing one for Emperor
Do not delete your messages!

The use of cheat codes is forbidden!

I hope you all enjoy playing it.
This contest was designed by Stringbags and tested by Otto10 and Phil Walker


This contest, will close at 11PM UTC, on September 7th, 2008. Please note the date!!!!

This contest has ended.

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