Reed Cutters and Papyrus


In Pharaoh you must have papyrus before you can build schools or libraries. You must have one or both of these forms of education to evolve your housing to small residence or above. Making papyrus is a multi-step process, the first of which is cutting the reeds.

Reed Cutters

You can place a reed cutters building anywhere on the map, but it won't do you any good unless there are reeds nearby. Once you have located reeds and placed the cutters bldg, five reed cutters will go cross country to the nearest reed patch and start harvesting them. Each cutter will clear about one map square of reeds. He will then head back to base and hand his load over to the cartpusher who will deliver them to a storage yard or a papyrus maker. The cutter will then return to the patch and harvest more reeds.If other reed cutters return with their loads while the cart is gone, they will just wait until it returns, so the productivity reed cutters depends partly upon the distance the cart pusher must travel to deliver his load.

The other factors that limit the out put of reeds is the proximity and size of the reed patch. It seems that each square of reed patch will yield about one cartload. It takes at least one game year for reeds to regenerate after being picked.

Papyrus Makers

Papyrus makers transform the reeds into papyrus. A papyrus maker can produce about .48 cartloads of papyrus per month. When a load is ready, the workshop's cartpusher will deliver it to either a school, library, or a storage yard. For more information on schools and libraries go here.



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