Structures Other Than Housing




Granaries in Pharaoh serve much the same purpose as they did in C3, The main differences are; they are bigger (4x4), they hold more produce (3200 units), and the player has much better control over their operations through the use of a much improved "Special Orders" window. You can tell at a glance how much food a granary contains by looking at the eight circles in the roof. Each of these, when filled, represents 400 units of food in the granary


When you click the 'Special Orders' button, a screen pops up that lists all the foodstuffs your city produces or imports. Next to each commodity is a button that lists the current instructions. These are:

Accepting - This is the default setting. If you want to limit the amount of a food that your granary will accept, you can now do so through the use of a scroll button. You can set amounts from 0 to 3200 in 400 unit increments.

Not Accepting - Same as C3

Getting - You can tell the granary cartpusher exactly how of an item you want him to get. You cannot get items from another Granary that has the same 'get' order.

Empty - You can select the items you want to empty from your granary. The cartpusher will then try to find another granary or storage yard to take the item.

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