Bazaars serve the same purpose as markets did in C3. Bazaar buyers get goods from Granaries or Storage Yards. Bazaar Traders deliver goods to the houses and report back to the Bazaar Buyer what goods are needed by the houses.

There are now two bazaar buyers. One gets food from granaries, and the other gets goods from storage yards.Each of these buyers can buy more than one item at a time. (The food buyer can get two or more foods. The goods buyer can get two or more goods. They cannot cross over into each others turf.) Both buyer try to find the shortest distance to their destination using the cities road network. (no more as-the-crow-flies)

A bazaar's first priority is to replenish the items a house needs to keep from devolving. Then they try to get the next item the house needs to improve.

Bazaar buyers are destination walkers, and bazaar traders are random walkers.

In Pharaoh you can instruct, through the use of "Special Orders", a bazaar to buy or not buy any commodity available.

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