Luxury Housing Block


This is a block that I intend to use for Luxury Housing. It produces six Palatial Manors and is very stable. I ran it about five game years with no devolvements whatsoever. It is based upon a Caesar III palace block developed by Brugle, a frequent contributor to both the C3 and Heavengames forums. I never needed more than six palaces in C3. Whether that will suffice in Pharaoh, I do not know.

In actual practice, I intend to avoid using that bank of large statues whenever possible, replacing them with highly desirable civic buildings (palaces, pavillions, etc).

Screenshot (150k) -There are some small differences between the diagram and the screenshot due to the terrain in which the block was built.

A = Apothecary
B = Road Block
D = Dentist
E = Engineer
F = Fire Station
G = Garden
H = Servant's quarters
P = Police
S = Can be small statue or (if location permits) shrine.