Step - 11 Common Residence


Level 11 (Common Residences) requires the establishment of either a scribal school or a library.

This is normally about as far as I go with worker housing. This block can easily be evolved up to Fancy Residence, but to do so requires, among other things, that a second type of food be provided. I perfer not to do this if I can avoid it.

Common Residences will suffice for most of the game's missions. Occasionally you might need a higher prosperity, in which case you can either develop a luxury housing block, or go ahead and improve this block.

As you can see, I have added a double row of gardens around the block. Those gardens facing roads can later be replaced with culture enhancing buildings or whatever. I have also added a Bandstand above the Pavillion. This is not necessary, but I did it to show how these can be stacked.

I frequently build these blocks in pairs. You can see how I do this here





Common Residences all evolve to 2x2. It is possible that some houses may develop in such a way as to prevent the expansion of their neighbors. To check on this, turn on the trouble overlay "t", and look for the following housing patterns:

The houses labeled "x" are preventing their neighbors from expanding. To cure this you must delete the offending houses. Their neighbors will then both expand into the vacant spaces, and, in each case, you will end up with 2 Common Residences instead of one Common Residence and four Spacious Apartments.

Maximum possible population of this block =1280
Prosperity cap = 60