When I start a new city my immediate goals are that the city should be selling something by by the end of the first year and be solvent by the end of the second. I wrote this in one of the forums recently, and a reader was nice enough to e-mail me. The gist of his message was that I am full of crap, and that these goals are not practicable. I am frequently full of it, but in this case, I am on firm ground for a change.

To date I have played 20 missions in C3, and perhaps another dozen or so in Pharaoh. Most of the time I have met or exceeded these goals, so I've decided to write a little guide showing one way that this can be done. As always, I do not claim that this is the best, or the only way, but it works for me.

The city I will build is the famous old Egyptian city of Grumpusville. The following conditions apply:

  • Fish is the only food available.
  • Clay is the only natural resource.
  • Debt is not permitted.
  • There are no bail out loans.
  • Palace not available.
  • Personal mansion not available.
  • No family funds.
  • Starting funds = 8000 debens.
  • Difficulty level = Normal

Possible trading partners are:

  • Itjtawy - is a land route and will sell 4000 flax/year. Cost to open - 600 debens.
  • Dunqul Oasis - is a land route and will buy 2500 pottery. Cost to open - 500 debens.
  • Dakhla Oasis - is a land route and will buy 2500 linen. Cost to open - 725 debens.


Step 1 - Preparation