Gods of The Game


In Pharaoh there are five major Gods, but not all are worshipped in every city. Some cities worship all, others only one or two. In some cities you can build aTemple Complex. These are huge structures (8x14), and expensive - 2,000 db, but they bring major benefits to your city. Once you build one of these things, you can build two additional structures onto it. These additions are called an Oracle and an Altar. Each of these can be dedicated to a different minor god, enabling your city to honor three gods with one building.  

In addition to the game information, I have also included some images and mythological information about these critters. The images are from a great web site featuring ancient egyptian art http://members.aol.com/egyptart . I found the descriptions of the Gods in a class outline from (of all places) Leeward Community College, Hawaii. You can find lots of good information and images about ancient Egypt at both of these wonderful sites.

Here are the major gods we are going to have to deal with in Pharaoh: