"If the scarce-bearded Caesar have not sent His powerful mandate to you,
'Do this, or this;  Take in that kingdom, and enfranchise that; Perform 't, or else we damn thee. "

Recent Additions

ust finished redoing Londunium using the Brugle block. Once in place, the block is stable as a rock. I think it makes a pretty good looking addition to a city. If you'd care to see for yourself, you can download the saved game from here.

Still another addition to our collection of palace block diagrams. This is a block devised by Brugle, a frequent contributor to the C3 and Heavegames forums. It features six luxury palaces grouped about a hippodrome. It looks great. I built one in Damascus, and it worked fine until a bunch of $%&* indigenous natives burnt it and the rest of the town down. You can find it in city building.


Up to now my cities have generally looked like junkyards. By and large, they looked more like clumps of crap scattered across the countryside than anything resembling a real city. Using my new block d'jour, I have lately been trying to remedy this by putting together some cities that actually resemble cities. These cities feature civic centers with the majority of the housing clustered about the center. All housing is, for the most part, small casa or better. (No tents at the end of the road) Culture parks and end-of-the-year gimmicks have not been used. There are eightcities up now . I will add to these as time, energy, and the bar's closing time permits. Should any of you be bored to tears, and have nothing better to do, you can download these cities from here.



This is a C3 fan page. In it I have tried to put together some stuff that may or may not be useful to the player. Look around and see for yourself. You can access everything on these pages through the four buttons on the panel to the left. Those buttons, and what they lead to are:


I - Data

Want to know about the different levels of housing? Production rates for all industries and farms? Data about every structure in the game? Prosperity ratings and how to calculate them? A complete rundown of the C3 Model Data? All this stuff, and much more can be accessed by hitting the "data" button to the left.

II - City Building

There are four guides in this section, and they seem to complement each other nicely. They are:

The First (And maybe last) Building Block You'll Ever Need

This is an 8 page guide showing how to construct my latest block d'jour.This is a very efficient, very flexible block that is extremely useful when getting a city started. (And at most other times also!)

A City's First Year

The first year is all-important. Screw it up, and the chances are,

"Thy place is fill'd, thy sceptre wrung from thee,
Thy balm wash'd off wherewith thou wast anointed:
No bending knee will call thee Caesar now"

in other words, you're history. By the end of the first year you should have exports up and running; be making some provision for feeding the rabble;and start thinking about defence and further expansion. This guide takes a city and shows you, step-by-step, how it is developed during the first year. The city is Tingis, but I have used these basic ideas to build every city in the career game.

Lugdunum - A Complete Guide

Just that. A complete guide to Lugdunum, considered by many to be the most difficult city in the game. The important thing here is not beating Lugdunum, it is the general ideas behind putting a city together. Again, these ideas can be used in every city in the game.

Palaces - Movin' On Up

At some point, you are probably going to need or want to build Patrican housing. As I see it, there's no sense in screwing around with this - if you've got the resources, go for the gusto and build luxury palaces. This is a guide to doing just that. This is, by far, the best plan I've seen for building palaces. I did not originate the idea. I stole it from DET who put it in a saved game which I got from the Heavengames site. There are some who insist that there are better plans out there, but I haven't seen one - who knows?

III - Strategy

The basic strategies for playing the game can be found in the guides above. From time to time I come across ideas which seem useful. As I do, I will post them here.

For example - how to get a city started - putting together that first industrial block and the workers needed to operate it. Also a revised housing block designed for small casa worker housing. See "Counting Beans" in the Strategy section.

IV - Grab Bag

Contains stuff which doesn't fit anywhere else. There are two articles here that I highly recommend for anyone playing this game. One is about market ladies and what they do, and the other addresses entertainment. Both are written by Lancer 27, who was the Model Game Advisor for C3, and who is presently the designer for Pharaoh.

Finally! A good explanation why market ladies pass full granaries to go to another across the map.


Well, that's about it. I hope you can find something useful here. If you see anything you think is wrong, or just a load of crap, PLEASE let me know. You might be right, and if you are, I will acknowledge it, fix it, and praise you to the skies. I am not an angel, so I can, and do, make mistakes.

Enjoy the game, and I'll see you in Rome.



BTW: You might be under the impression that the photos in the panel to the left are those of the Caesars. You are mistaken. They are actually pictures of myself, taken before and after buying C3.