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Zeus & Poseidon Game Features

On this page, you will find the definitive list of currently banned game features, as well as a more-or-less comprehensive list of the known but permitted game features. You should check back here periodically to see if any changes have been made

1. Banned Features

1.1 Negative construction costs feature by use of the delete and undo buttons.

2. Permitted features

2.1 Free Roads, Delete, and Parks: Drag a section or area, and release the cursor when it is over the side panel. Note that this does not work with housing, avenues, boulevards, or columns.

2.2 Extra Farms: Everyone knows that the sanctuary to Demeter comes with a one tile strip of farmland around it. However, if you place farms on that farmland and then subsequently delete the sanctuary, the farms will remain productive.

2.3 Building Invulnerability: Sanctuaries cannot be destroyed by earthquakes, even if the fault lines run right through them. Sanctuaries are also unaffected by lava flows and tidal waves. The palace is immune to lava flows. (This has been at least partially corrected in Poseidon).

2.4 Sheep and Goat Containment I: Sheep and goats will only move across meadow land. They will also move away from the mouse cursor. This can be used to place a large number of sheep and goats on a small isolated area of meadow land. Place the first animal, wait for it to move, and place another. This process may be repeated ad nauseam.

2.5 Sheep and Goat Containment II: Sheep and Goats, if they wander into an earthquake crack, will not be able to get out of it again. They can, however, be milked and sheared while stuck in the crack!

2.6 Deleting Earthquake Cracks: Place a road (small bridge) over the earthquake crack. Place a roadblock on the road. Delete the roadblock and the road and the earthquake crack will have disappeared!

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