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Contest 168: Two of Us (a Caesar 4 Economic Contest)

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 168: Two of Us: An Odd Odyssey. This is a Caesar 4 contest, and should only be played with Caesar 4 with the latest patch. Check the HeavenGames site for the latest version. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

Two of Us (Insane Difficulty)
files are in .zip format

Two of Us (Hard Difficulty)
files are in .zip format

Two of Us (Easy Difficulty)
files are in .zip format

Two of Us (French Language files)
files are in .zip format

Procedure for extracting files-

The zip file will contain a number of files (this can vary depending on the scenario). Firstly, the file with the extension C4s should be extracted to the directory Saved Games in your C4 installation

(Default location C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar4\Data\Save Games).

The remaining files should be extracted to the directory Scenarios

(default location C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar4\Data\Scenarios). You start the save from the Main Menu in C4, selecting Load Save. The save Cleopatra in Massilia Easy or Cleopatra in Massilia Hard or Cleopatra in Massilia Insane should appear in the list. It is not necessary to alter game difficulty.


The story of the renowned actor Jasonus Alexandrus, and his love for the fair lady Igorus has been well-documented in the annals of history. The fame of Jasonus has now spread right across the Empire, and with it has come a not inconsiderable fortune. He has persuaded Igorus to settle down with him, setting up home in a land of her own choosing. She in turn has found a nice spot in warm and sunny Greece, where she will build a city that she has decided to call 'Ithaca'. However, before they could get to work, the new Emperor Trajan (at the behest of his wife) has demanded that Jasonus come to Rome to show off his immense talent by performing the tale of Odysseus, as recounted in Homer's poem 'The Odyssey'. Not even Jasonus would dare to risk the wrath of Caesar, and reluctantly he must depart Ithaca. 'Fear not my sweet Penelope-Igorus!' cried Jasonus as he left. 'Your Odysseus will return home soon!'

This is where YOU come in, for Penelope-Igorus has tasked you with building a city worthy of Jasonus when he returns. Remembering the tale of Odysseus, you cannot help wondering whether this might be a bad omen. Could it be that life will imitate art? If so, you could be here for a while - though Igorus will no doubt keep you busy. She has her own ideas for what makes a fine city - and has even devised her own city rating, which she calls 'Penelope's Prosperity Progress Points'. Unlike the traditional Prosperity Rating, hers will be reckoned only twice every year - once in January, and again in July. You will start with a score of zero in January 100AD, and she will review your 'Prosperity Progress' every 6 months thereafter, from July 100AD onwards. At the time of each reckoning she may award you up to 10 points, determined as follows:

1. Gain 2 points if the city treasury has increased since the last time Penelope's Prosperity Performance Points were counted
2. Gain 1 point each if you have one or more working buildings of each of the following types in the city: circus, coliseum (with gladiator guild and trainer), basilica, and forum
3. Gain 2 points if unemployment is less than 5%, or 1 point if it is less than 15%
4. Gain 1 point if you have at enough large insulae in the city, and another point if you have enough large domi there too. The number required of each is 1 the first time the Prosperity Progress is reckoned, 2 the second time, 3 the third time, and so on.
5. Lose one of these points if population has decreased since the last time the Prosperity Progress was reckoned.

These points will be totalled up and added to your previous score. However, whilst the Prosperity Progress score will only ever increase (or stay the same), any increase from the previous score will be limited by the current (traditional) Prosperity Rating.

One hopes that it will not be long before Jasonus and Igorus are reunited - for Penelope-Igorus has many suitors who wish to win her fair hand. Amongst these is a name that strikes fear in your heart: that belonging to a disreputable fellow by the name of Seutonius Paulinus Grinch IV. You may find yourself needing to take action to save poor Igorus from this dastardly crew! Good luck!


Completion Criteria:

Jasonus and Igorus re-united
Victory Screen displayed
Final Save following victory screen (in January 105AD)

Defeat Events:

Failed to reunite Jasonus and Igorus before the end of January 105AD.
Caesar dismisses you (normal game function).

Winning Criteria (All Difficulties):

1. Penelope's Prosperity Progress Points in January 105AD (highest wins).

2. In the event of a tie on WC1, points total calculated as follows at the at the time of victory (highest wins):
- 25 points for each month before January 105AD that Jasonus and Igorus were reunited
- 10 points for each culture rating point
- 10 points for each prosperity rating point
- 10 points for each favor rating point
- 1 point for each security rating point.

3. In the event of a tie on WC1 and WC2, the total denarii in the City Treasury at the time of victory (highest wins).

Designer's Notes

Players should complete the mission up until the victory screen appears, then select Continue and save immediately. Victory can only be achieved in January 105AD following the final all tasks have been completed and all the above requirements met.

Walls are pre-placed in all difficulties, and disabled throughout, to prevent use of the wall undo cheat. Wage manipulation is discouraged by preventing changes to wages during the first and final weeks of any month.

In contrast, tax manipulation is positively encouraged (as part of the story) in the Hard and Insane difficulty levels. You will see a message to thie effect just before the end of each month. The expectation is that you manipulate taxes, increasing them to the maximum level, then reducing them again once the taxes are collected. There is no penalty for not following these instructions, other than (of course) failing to gain the benefit of the exploit.

There are periodic invasions but these are easily dealt with, requiring no forts to be built (indeed, these are disabled until Jasonus returns).

This contest continues the time-honored CBC tradition of requiring players to keep saves for December of each year. A message will be issued each December to remind players to make their save. Only the final (completed) save is to be submitted, however. Once your save has been validated you do not need to keep these (interim) saves, unless of course you plan to use them as a basis for generating further submissions.

Eligibility- Easy Difficulty

Players who have won two CBC C4 contests in any difficulty, or one CBC C4 contest at Insane difficulty may not enter Easy difficulty.

Eligibility- Hard Difficulty

There is no eligibility restriction on Hard difficulty. Schwartzhorse (who tested on Easy) may compete at this (or the Insane!) level.

Eligibility- Insane Difficulty

There is no eligibility restriction on insane difficulty. Players may enter insane difficulty in addition to either easy or hard, however the top 2 placed players in insane difficulty will not be eligible for placing in a lower difficulty. The insane difficulty level is intended to be pretty hard to complete, but is defintely achievable within the timescales allowed (as confirmed by testing).

Two of Us was designed by Hieronymus. My thanks go to Schwartzhorse who tested on Easy and also translated this contest into French.

When forwarding entries to CBC, only the C4s file of the final save is required, not the other files.

This contest will close at 11PM EST (US), on Sunday June 20th, 2010. Please note the date!

This contest has ended.

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