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Contest 143: Revenge of the Market Ladies (C3 Edition)

Welcome to the contest pages for Contest 143: Revenge of the Market Ladies (C3 Edition) This is a Caesar 3 contest, and should only be played with Caesar 3 V1.0.1.0. Use the links below to download the starting positions:

Revenge of the Market Ladies (C3 Edition)(Easy Difficulty)
file is in sav format

Revenge of the Market Ladies (C3 Edition)(Normal Difficulty)
file is in sav format

Revenge of the Market Ladies (C3 Edition) (Hard Difficulty)
file is in sav format

Macintosh players, for whom the procedure of installing contest files is a little more complicated, can find detailed instructions here. If you have any problems, please ask in the Forum.

Please take note that the CBC rules no longer allow free roads. A player may only play in a single difficulty. You have to manually check you are playing with the right difficulty. The game always stays at whatever level you played it at last time you played. Select your difficulty level and restart the game!

Vous trouverez la traduction en français pour ce concours ici.


Market Ladies have always considered themselves the hardest workers in the Empire. But they have always had to suffer insults and bad mouthing from incompetent governors who did not understand them. Finally they have had enough. They have gone on strike! Yet, Caesar still requires a city to be built, and one with a huge and fat population. Lucius the Lecherous has heeded your call, and has sent you some of his former lovers (who are now rather too mature to wear the outfits of bath house girls) to work as market ladies in your city, in gratitude for your previous deeds. This is rather less glamorous than their former jobs, but age catches up with everyone. At least your city will have one market, this is better than none, right?

Because they are much more popular with other Roman citizens than they are with incompetent Governors, the market ladies have won a good deal of support for their cause. Sea traders, who love to have a market lady in every port, have refused to sail to your city. Luckily land traders have their donkeys, so you may be lucky enough to attract some of those. Water workers have also joined in the action. Their services come only at a hefty financial premium, payable to the conclusion of your mission.

With your market being staffed by scab labor, you might expect some picketing in your city from the striking workers, some of whom are rumoured to keep pet elephants. My understanding is that this picketing is unlikely to be peaceful. You also have a couple of native tribes to keep you company, pehaps their womenfolk can be taught to be market ladies, after all everyone knows how dumb market ladies are...

One other thing. Caesar does not wish to be seen to take sides in the Market Ladies strike, and so strictly forbids you to receive a salary. And he suggests you get the job over with quickly.

Good luck Governor.


Completion Criteria:
15,000dn or more in treasury. (ie you have to repay your starting money at the finish)

Winning Criteria:
1. Number of population in houses that have and consume food and have water MINUS number of population in houses that do not have OR do not consume food OR do not have water. MINUS any adjustment to score dictated by presence of water infrastructure (see below).
2. Date of save (earliest wins).
3. Money in treasury after water infrastructure adjustment.

Note: Small and large tents are houses that do not consume food, regardless of whether or not they have food. All other houses that contain food will be counted as having and consuming food. Either well or fountain access is counted as having water.

Designer's Notes

Specific Desiger's Rules:

1. You may not alter any game files outside the game.
2. Well cheats may not be used.
3. Gods must remain turned on.
4. You must play in the designated difficulty and not alter game difficulty at any time.
5. Personal salary is not to be altered at any time, and gifts to Caesar are not allowed.
6. Free roads, plazas, walls, gardens and aqueducts are not permitted.
7. Apart from the above, every trick in the book is allowed.
8. All requests from Caesar must be met by the date they first fall due. Requests not yet due at save date do not need to have been met.
9. There is no in-game time limit.

Water Infrastructure: Treasury will be reduced by the amounts shown below for the presence of water infrastructure PROVIDED this adjustment does not reduce treasury below 15,000dn. This is to pay off water workers who would otherwise strike in support of the market ladies, and goes towards the Market Ladies Fighting Fund. If the player cannot meet this cost or part of it (while remaining at or above 15,000dn in treasury), score in WC1 will be reduced by 1 for each 10dn (or part) that the water infrastructure adjustment would have caused city treasury to fall below 15,000dn (entry will still be valid).

Hard- 3000dn per reservoir, 1500dn per fountain.
Normal- 2000dn per reservoir, 1000dn per fountain.
Easy- 1000dn per reservoir, 500dn per fountain.

Level Eligibility-
Players with 2 or more wins in CBC C3 Easy difficulty contests in which two or more players took part, will not be eligible to enter this contest in Easy difficulty. Normal and Hard difficulties have no restrictions. Additionally, the beta tester for this contest (Abana) will not be eligible to enter in Easy difficulty.

There will also be a C4 edition of this contest. A special CBC award will be made to the player who submits the best overall entries in both contests. Details of this award will be posted in the contest forums for both events

Revenge of the Market Ladies (C3 Edition) was designed by goonsquad and tested by Abana..

    Contest closes 11.00pm Sunday January 25th, 2009.

This contest has ended.

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